31 July 2010

Welcome to Insanity

I've been meaning to start up a blog for awhile. I post sometimes on Livejournal, one-line at Facebook... I've even got an unused Vox account that I haven't touched in far too long and a couple other blogs here on Blogger. But now it's time to start something new. My plan for this blog is for reviews, contemplations and musings on being a mom, a wife, a gamer, a reader, a woman, a thirty-something... and just about anything else. I'm hoping to write in here once a day, probably in the evenings after my little ones are asleep.

I suspect that most of the people that read this Blog will be people I know, but on the off chance that people that don't know me come across it, here's a little about me. I'm a 30-something mom of two boys, grateful to be able to stay home with them while my husband works. We live in Nashville, TN. I'm a gamer, a writer (though far from professionally), a reader, a crafty person, a lover, a thinker and so many more things. Hopefully the posts here will let you know a bit more about me and the insane thoughts that run through my head.