28 October 2010

Book Review Number 5: Dragonlance Legends Vol 1: Time of the Twins by Margaret Weis and Tracey Hickman

Being the D&D geek that he is, Rich was the one that introduced me to the Dragonlance Chronicles.  I read the three initial chronicles and wanted more.  So Rich then introduced me to the Legends.  And since the Majere Brothers were two of my three favorites - the other being Tas - these books became my favorites of all of them to read.  It's the only series that I love to read over and over again (of any D&D based series, anyway).

When I was in the library the other day, I saw the graphic novel of the first book, Time of the Twins and I knew I had to check it out.  Even though I knew the story, I wanted to see what the artist did with the story... which parts they would choose to show graphically and which would just be a note in the history.  I was pleased to see one of my favorite scenes made the cut - Tika throwing Carramon's armor at him and Tas coming in wanting to play too.  It made my read.

Most of the artwork was fairly spot on for my imaginings of the characters - Tika's red hair and curves, Tas' ponytail, Par-Salian in his white robes.  But one very important character was off to me - Raistlin.  He's supposed to have golden skin and hourglass shaped irises.  His skin looked more like old parchment and his eyes... the irises just looked a little off.  I had to look to find the hourglass shape.  I've seen other artists' renditions of Raistlin (most notably the animated film of Dragons of Autumn Twilight) and they always managed to make the hourglass shape known without looking freakish (just disturbing, as it should).  So it bothered me that this one wasn't as well done.

The graphic novel was very faithful to the book and that is one thing that I really enjoyed.  The only negative is that the second and third books have yet to be made.  And from something I read in the comments on Amazon (though I have yet to prove the veracity of it), the publishers have no intention of producing the next two books.  And considering the cliff-hanger that the first book ends on... bad decision, in my mind.

Current Reading: Blood Lite, ed by Kevin J Anderson, Wicked Appetite by Janet Evonavich.