09 October 2010

I know I should be sleeping

Tomorrow is a busy day ahead.  Library. Big Lots. Recycling. Working out. Possibly a trip down to Murfreesboro for the free Rutherford Parent fair. Cleaning.  Laundry. Dishes.  Working on a few swaps that need attention.

And yet here I sit, zombie-like in front of the computer.  At first, I was playing a few games on Facebook  Then I just started staring in to space  I'm tired enough that my jaw feels like it will break with each yawn.  And I pause as I write, forgetting what I'm doing.  Yet I still remain seated, staring at a computer screen with no soul.

Tired, yet refusing to go to bed.  Why do I do this? Too much on my mind, maybe.  Too many things that I know I should be doing.  Telling myself they can be done when I get up in the morning, but knowing me and knowing that they probably won't.

Part of me wants to pour out all the things that I need to do this weekend, hoping that seeing them written down will be enough to quiet my brain.  But I'm too tired to list.

Let it be Wednesday.  Let the week have already started, my weekend have been successfully completed and me be on my way to a friend's for welcome chat.

But it's not.  It's Friday night, 1:30 am.  And regardless of what my mind is telling me, I must sleep.

Good night, all.