12 October 2010

Part one of the Clutter Buster's Swap

One of the swaps that I joined is called Clutter Busters Before and After.  We're supposed to take pictures of an area we're going to declutter before we start and after we're done. I chose the dining room.  I finished the first item on my declutter task list yesterday and I'd like to share pictures of the area.

This is my "Before" picture of my Baker's Rack.  It had become a storage area for anything we couldn't figure out where to put it.  In the old apartment, it held a variety of appliances, but all those appliances found new homes in the kitchen.  So there was a lot of things to go through.

And this is what it looked like after 2 hours of cleaning it off.  Amazingly, I found homes for almost everything that was there.  All in all, I think I rocked.  I'm planning on working on another area of the dining room tonight.  Expect more pictures!


  1. What are you going to put on your shelf now? You can't just leave it empty!

  2. Oh, it didn't stay empty for long! We put the printer on the pull out shelf with one of my crafting baskets next to it. The scrapbook paper I have is flat on the shelf above it because I don't have anything big enough to store it in yet! :D