23 October 2010

Quick Change of Plans for Halloween, and other Saturday things

Today was supposed to be a fairly busy day and, in that respect, it didn't disappoint.  In other ways... not quite as good as I would have liked.

We got a bit of a late start this morning, thanks to the boys letting us kind of sleep in.  (Is it sad that 8 am is sleeping in?)  We had to be at Donelson Fellowship between 9 and 10 to pick up our Angel Food and wanted to get the recycling done before that since it we were going to be in the general area of the recycling area.

As we were starting to get ready, my best friend called.  Her mom is in the hospital and, along with updating me on how she was doing, she needed a friendly voice, I think.  She's really worried about her, which is understandable.  Mom is quite a bit older and Carm's an only child.  I just wish I could be down there for her.

After I got off the phone with her, I gathered our books that needed to go back to the library (out 3rd stop of the day) while Rich got the recycling in the van.  He was still working, so I got the kids ready as well.  It was about 9:30 when we left the house.

First, we got to the recycling center, which happens to be at a High School.  And it looks like the high school was hosting a Marching Band competition.  And, of course, all the buses and several of the marchers were standing over near the recycling center.  We would have said forget it if it hadn't been for the fact we knew we'd need the space for the Angel Food.  So Rich managed to slide in there, empty our recycling and slip back out.

There was a nice surprise when we got to Angel Food.  Usually we have to bring our own basket/box/whatever to put the food in, but this time, they had everything pre-boxed.  It's a nice change.  Most Saturdays, we're running around the house trying to find something to empty so we have something for the food.  We chatted with the people at Angel Food for a few minutes - they were glad to see us, since we hadn't been in since July.  They're doing a Trunk or Treat next Sunday and are looking forward to seeing the boys in costume.

The trip to the library was pretty typical, the boys picking out books, me chatting a bit with the librarians, Rich looking around himself.  The really exciting thing was that The Lost Hero had come in for me and I couldn't wait to read it.  I actually opened it up to start reading it as we got to the car.  And I'm loving it.  Expect the review in the next day or two.

We had a quick stop at the apartment for Rich to put away the frozen food, which meant more reading for me.  Then a run to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things I wanted/needed, followed (finally) by lunch at a local Chinese Buffet that has dim sum options on their buffet.  We have friends that live near by (they're actually the ones that introduced us to the place), so we gave them a call to ask them to join us.  Becca and her daughter did, because her husband and son were just settling in for rest.  We had a great lunch with them with lots of yummy food.

As soon as we got home and the boys went to bed, I put the hats/gloves and socks in the washer to dye them.  What I failed to notice (as I learned an hour later when taking them out) was that the hats and gloves were 100% acrylic.  The dye didn't work on them.  Which means I don't have a majority of the parts for Teddy's Munchlax costume.

After some talk with Teddy and Rich, we decided to try making Teddy a ditto instead.  It seemed fairly easy for me to make - a pink garbage bag (which I expected to find with it being Breast Cancer Awareness month), pink temporary hair dye and pink face paint.  Teddy and I went to Wal-Mart to find the supplies we needed.  And.... I only found the pink hair color.  I was going to spray paint a garbage bag pink but Rich pointed out that garbage bags don't hold paint well.  So I couldn't think of where to go next.

But my husband, being the brilliant man that he is, came up with the perfect idea.  Teddy will be a Pokemon Fan.  He's going to wear his Pokemon shirt, the Ash Ketchum hat that I made for him earlier in the year for something at school, carry his Pokeballs on his belt and carry a few of his stuffed Pokemon.  I think it'll be perfect.  So I didn't really need to buy anything there after all.  I did, however, come home with a few stickers and a laptop lap desk that was on clearance.  The old lap desk was cracking and pinching me when I had it on my lap.

So I'm feeling much better about all of this now.  Both boys will be ready for our first Halloween event tomorrow now.  I don't get to be quite as creative as I wanted to be, but hey... maybe I'll come up with better ideas next year.

Tomorrow has several things on the agenda as well.  Rich and Teddy have church in the morning.  I need to wash Teddy's Pokemon shirt and Pokemon so they're nice and clean for Trunk or Treat in the evening.  I have to work on my 5 Profound Events journal for Swap-Bot (due to be sent out next Monday).  I also need to work on my journal for Amanda's journal swap.  I think I'm only a few days behind on that one.  Plus, I need to make time for finishing The Lost Hero.  And the Trunk or Treat is at 5:30.

I'm hoping for a bit of a rest come the 1st.  I think that's when things will finally slow down.  Or so I hope!