06 November 2010

Bloggers United Challenge #1

Your Lotto numbers have come up! 
You have taken care of your family and friends, you have 15 Million dollars to spend on whatever you dreamed of before. 
How are you going to spend the money?

 I went out to buy a lottery ticket today, so I'm hoping some of this can come true.  (Though I'm not holding my breath for it.)

First, I want to put about 12 million into various forms of investments.  I've learned that it's important to have money for when the unexpected comes about.  Though maybe there'd be less than $12 million because I know that my husband wants to endow the DiTullio Building of Science to his alma mater, Drew University.  And I'm ok with that.

Speaking of university, I would go back and get my degree.  I think I would go for psychology, I think.  I started college 18 years ago and I had to leave when I was a semester away from graduation due to lack of money.  At the time, I was a math major and theater minor, but my love for both of those have waned.  But I find that I love knowing more about what makes people tick and I'm pretty good at giving advice.  So why not?  And having the extra money would mean that I can take extra classes for things that interest me as well.

I'd also want to buy a house or two.  One would be here in TN, maybe something like the one above.  (5 bed, 4 bath, partial finished basement...) And with something that big, I'd definitely have maid service coming in to help with it!  The other house would be somewhere in the North East.  The two choices would be either in Downsville, NY (where I would probably have my uncle build the home) or in Cherry Hill, NJ.  We've got family in both areas so it would be nice to have a place to stay in either of them.

Next, I'd get an awesome gaming machine.  Anything and everything that I might need to play all the awesome games that are coming out like World of Warcraft: CataclysmDiablo III and Civilization V.  I'm thinking an $8,000 Alienware machine.  (Yep, I was pricing it out.)

I'd also love to get a new car or two.  I've been looking at the Chevy Volt and the Mazda 5.  Something that's more green than my current Town & Country and has plenty of room for my kids and all their stuff.

One of the dreams I've had for awhile is to have a big party for my 10th Anniversary (September, 2013).  I don't remember much from my own wedding because it was such a large day.  My friends had a lot of fun at my party, but I wasn't able to spend as much time with them as I would have liked.  This party would be for Rich and I to have a LOT of fun with our friends, because that's what it should be.  Nothing fancy, because we're not fancy people.  But definitely something fun.

There would be a buying spree involved.  Books, DVDs, CDs, scrapping and crafting supplies, new clothes, every Pokemon thing ever made for the boys.  I'd be able to get a lot of cool stuff with that money.

I'd spend a bit on making me better - laser eye surgery, a personal trainer to help me lose all this weight, a fashion consultant to help me pick out flattering clothes, and a regular appointment for dye jobs, 'cause I've always looked better as a redhead.

Finally, I'd travel.  I've been wanting to go to so many places in the world - the Netherlands, England, Japan, Ireland, cruises to Alaska and the Caribbean.   I have friends that I want to meet and things that I want to do. So I'd do it.  Because I'd have the money.

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  1. Come visit me. Better yet, pay my way to somewhere awesome and cool with you. Not that the greater DC area isn't awesome and cool or anything...just I feel we should share our own awesomeness with more awesome and cool places. :)

    Oh what i could do with 15 million bucks. Even after the IRS takes their piece of the pie...

    This was fun to read!