07 November 2010

Blogger's United Challenge #2

Oh dear! Your on death row! 
(don't worry....... your totally not guilty and the governor is going to call to stop it before it happens).
What is your last ever meal and why?

If this question had been asked two years ago, my entrée would have been a no-brainer.  My step-mom's fried chicken.  She had a way of making it super crispy and incredibly yummy.  But since she passed away, no one can do it quite right.  So now I need to think of something else.

I think I'd like a combination of all my favorites, in little bites.  Here's the menu:

First would be shuimai fromThe Real Le Ahn's Lunch Truck on the University of Philadelphia's campus.  When my husband and I were living in Philly, this was a common place for us to grab something to eat. It was the first place I ever tried shuimai and it was wonderful.  When I had my back surgery and was stuck at home, Le Ahn regularly had a shuimai and a bubble tea waiting for my husband to bring home to me.  I'd want to revisit that memory before leaving this earth.

Next would be cheese fondue from The Melting Pot.  This is one of my favorite restaurants of all time.  Because of the price, I don't get a chance to go more than once a year.  But it's so decadent that I'd need to have it one more time.  

Next up would be sushi from Morimoto in Philadelphia.  It's the absolute best sushi I've ever had. Pricey, yes, but good.  Very, very, very good. Tamago (or egg) sushi is my favorite, so that would have to be on there.  And Unagi (or eel) sushi would be my second favorite. 

To drink, I'd have Bubble Tea from Bubble House in Philadelphia.  The reviews of late haven't been as good, but I hold out eternal hope that they'll make me a good Mango Bubble Tea for my last meal. 

My dessert would be two things, both more personal than getting something from a restaurant.  The first would be a small slice of cheesecake made by my friend Zac.  He makes the most amazing cheesecake and I'd give just about anything for a piece.   

Finally, I'd want crème brulée made by my husband.  He's never made it before, but I know he'd be willing to make it to make me happy.

That would be the most awesome meal ever.