08 December 2010

Book Review Number 14: Sleeping with Fear by Kay Hooper

This book started out with a mystery of blood and it just got better from there.  Riley Crane is supposedly on vacation on Opal Island, SC but it's a working vacation.  She's been brought in by an old army friend of hers to help figure out possible occult activity.  When we first see her, she's in bed, covered with blood, and missing both her memory of the last three weeks and the clairvoyant senses that she'd come to depend on.  Even though she'd been in touch with Bishop and the Unit, she'd kept most of what she knew close to her vest - not even telling her friend, Gordon, what she had discovered.  She doesn't know who to trust and who betrayed her trust.  Her biggest fear is that it is the man that had become her boyfriend, Ash, a local DA who she doesn't remember falling in love with but instinctively trusts.  As bits and pieces of her memory come back, only serving to confuse her more.  And as she retraces her steps, she finds herself in much of the same danger that she'd been in before.  But this time, she's learning who to actually trust.

This was one book that had me guessing to the very end.  And I like that.  So often, I figure it out somewhere before the reveal and, while a part of me is pleased with my own cleverness, there's another part of me that is slightly disappointed because I like to be surprised.  And this one fulfills that need wonderfully.

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