13 January 2011

Am I behind? Of course I am

It seems to be the status of my life... forgetting the things that I want to do because my plate is too full.  I really need to work on that organization goal before too long.  'Cause the last thing I want to do is get lost.

I've got several books that I need to review (several graphic novels and one other book that I'm reading) and I need to update more for the 10 day challenge... on which I am woefully behind.  I also want to update you all on swaps and family fun and life and... well, just about everything.

So, I'll start with life.  The horrid chest cold has come back with a vengeance.  Wracking cough, phlegm, my chest sounding like a half-full trunk whenever I try to breath, stuffed up nose... it's just soooo much fun.  I think I'm going to make myself either a cup of hot chocolate or a cup of hot tea this afternoon, in the hopes that it clears things up.  Well, that and it's cold here in TN, so a hot drink is ideal.

Yeah, we got more snow here in TN.  The area schools have been closed all week.  I'm curious if they'll bother opening tomorrow.  There isn't a ton of snow on the ground, but there's enough with more flurries coming and ice on the roads to make the schools nervous.  They just aren't used to this kind of weather here in the south.  But I'm loving it.  Along with giving me an excuse to drink hot beverages, it gives me a chance to take pretty pictures and to enjoy playing in the snow with the boys (though I haven't done much of that yet).  If school is closed again tomorrow, PDO will be closed again, so I'll be working out a plan for that.

I've been trying to get the apartment cleaned up, but it seems like everything that I get picked up, the boys tear apart within 10 minutes.  I don't understand how most Moms can keep a clean house with little ones around.I haven't been able to in 5 years.  Then again, I wasn't the neatest person before I had kids either.  I need to work on that organization again so I can get a schedule made.  Gah!

The boys continue to alternately make me laugh and make me want to give them to the lowest bidder.  They're both in the temper tantrum phase of their lives.  Whenever Teddy doesn't get his way, he yells, screams, demands and sometimes hits.  To be fair, it has gotten a bit better.  There are a lot more times when he visibly gets upset, but he doesn't throw the fits like he used to.  Pete has also started wanting things his way - the only problem is that we don't always know what "his way" is.  But we're working on that too.  This morning, the boys have been playing robots together.  My living room looks like a battlefield.  Then again...

And a late-breaking, up-to-the-minute way my eldest impresses me: Teddy just asked me if God has a wife.  It took me a minute to answer, because that's not really a question you expect from an almost 5 year old.

Today is being designated "Catch Up on Swaps" day.  I've got several online swaps that I need to do and a few letter swaps that I need to write.  Plus, I've got my two pen-pals that I need to write long letters to as well.  I'm feeling pretty good about the swaps that I've sent though.  The reading log swap got complimented by both my partners.  I copied all of my reviews and printed them out double-sided, then put them into a folder and sent them along.  I was pretty pleased with it, all things considered.  I finished a Google Earth swap yesterday, where I had to send my partners 3 locations by map coordinate.  I chose my family's property in NY, the Parthenon here in TN and Shelter Island in Montana.  All very pretty places.  I've got a couple e-cards to send out, plus I've got to finish my YouTube Playlist Swap.  All in all, it's keeping me busy.

I've been spending a bit of time over in the Comic Book Geeks forum on SparkPeople.  I love hanging out with fellow geeks.  I haven't had a lot of people to talk about the graphic novels that I'm reading with, so it's been a lot of fun.  The diet and exercise portion of SP... not so much.  But I'm trying.  And that's what's important.

So, in closing for this post, expect reviews of Countdown to Final Crisis 1&3, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Teen Titans 1: A Kid's Game, and Teen Titans East in the near future.  I'm also in the middle of reading Moon Sworn by Keri Arthur and The Book of Lies by Brad Meltzer, with Every Which Way But Dead by Kim Harrison, Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, Month by Month Scrapbooking by Amanda Probst and Scrapbooking Just for You by Candice Ransom on deck.  And also expect a flurry of 10 Day Challenge posts upcoming.  But for the moment, I'm back to a few swaps.