28 January 2011

Reasons for not being around

Yes, I've still been reading.  Yes, I've still been wanting to update this blog.  But life has been handing me several curve balls this week that I'm not managing to hit.  Along with several doctor's appointments that have kept me away from the keyboard, I've been dealing with several stresses AND a computer that has decided that it doesn't like to be powered at all... neither by battery or by power cord.  Of course, this is the computer that all of my files are on, as well as all of my pictures and everything else important that I've done online in the last year or so. So.

I'm probably going to have Sanity's Overrated on a small hiatus until my income tax comes in and I can get/build a new desktop.  Yes, we're going back to the desktop.  I'm sure that the kids being near by, pulling the cord from the computer as they try to get at something they aren't supposed to have is some of the reason the laptop refuses to function. Can you tell I'm really miffed by this?  Yeah, I thought you could.  And in case you're wondering how I can be typing this at 2300, we DO have a back-up computer, but it's the one with a cracked screen, which happens to be hooked up to the television.  I've got to sit on the floor to use it and it's not the most comfortable of positions.

The hiatus will hopefully only last for a week or two.  It just depends on when my last W2 comes in.  I'm going to try to get on at the library a couple times a week to keep up with my swaps and the like, as well as occasionally checking through Back Up.  Just... wish me luck.  I feel I'm going to need it.

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  1. Amber, I stopped by from Swap-bot and love reading your blog as a mom of 2 crazy boys myself.... I understand the curve balls of life... that is the story of a mom's life, take the curve balls and hit them out of the park.. ~unvlmom~