19 February 2011

A Craftgecko

I'm once again involved in a Blog Swap over at Swap-Bot.  I love checking out new blogs and reading up on whatever my fellow Swappers feel like writing about.

Today, I've gone over to Leecytx's blog, A Craftgecko Creation.  I'm LOVING reading her blog.  She has so many tips and ideas, and she shares so many beautiful pictures of the crafts she sends as well as the crafts that she's sent.  I really liked her post about Craft Money Saving Tips. I suspect that I'm going to be begging Rich to look around his office to see what kind of things I can ask him to snag.  The chipboard, in particular, is one I could see myself using.

Not only does she talk about crafts, but she also talks about life in Houston, TX.  A couple weeks ago, she mentioned the ice storm that came through Houston, being a bane to drivers and a disappointment to kids that didn't get to play in snow. (I should have mentioned that she could have sent said kids to Nashville... we'd had plenty of snow for them!  She also talks a little about the nature that she loves (though she also has a separate nature blog called LWM Photography - at least, I think that's the name of this blog).  One  of my favorite posts talks about the monarch butterflies that she's taking care of, since they're hatching now and wouldn't really survive in the cold, ice and snow that's hitting Houston so hard. I could never do it myself, but that's largely because I have a phobia of anything that flies.  (I think many flying things are beautiful but I freeze up when they get near me.)

Anyway, if you want to keep up with a great crafter with a love for recycling and nature, check her out.  Because her blog truly is awesome!