19 March 2011

Blog Dare for March 15 - A Few of my Favorite Words

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In case you haven't realized it from reading my blog lately, Blogductive is high on my list of words this week.  I've been trying to be productive here lately, so when I thought of that word, it became perfect for me.

Interrupting.  Not because I like to interrupt people, or like being interrupted.  But Pete has been getting into Knock Knock jokes lately (thanks to Teddy being into them as well.)  His newest favorite joke to tell is the interrupting cow joke.  But, being 2, he doesn't get the word "interrupting" out right.  It comes out "ee-er-up-in". And it's just very cute sounding.

Love.  The word combines with the feeling in my mind, and whenever I hear it, read it or say it, warmth comes through me.  I love love.

Coffee.  When I hear "coffee", I perk up.  I never used to like it, but now it's become something I want more regularly.  Of course, usually when I hear "coffee", I think "Starbucks Frappachino", so maybe it's not coffee after all...