28 March 2011

Book Review Number 64: One False Note by Gordon Korman

One False Note has brought Dan, Amy, Nellie and Saladin to Austria in search of the next clue.  Rather than Wolfgang Amadeus Motzart, however, they are looking for something from his sister, Nannerl.  It turns out to be her diary, but when they arrive to take a look at it, they find that it has been stolen. Their search leads them next to Venice, Italy, where not only do they obtain the pages from the diary that they seek, but manage to do so from under the noses of the Janus, one of the branches of the Cahill family.  After a furious boat ride through the canals of Venice, they are soon on their way to the next clue.

As with the other books, One False Note gives a great jumping off point for learning some history.  This time, the story focuses (from a historical standpoint) on the Motzarts, primarily Nannerl.  She is someone that, had I not listened to this book, I wouldn't have known existed.  And she seems to be (from the limited reading I've been able to do) just as talented, if not more so, than her famous brother.  There's also information on Vienna and Venice, giving tidbits of geography and history as the stories go alone.

The series is keeping my excitement and curiosity as I go through it.  We finished listening to this as a family tonight and tomorrow (or Friday, depending on how Rich feels) we'll start the next audio book, The Sword Thief by Peter Lerangis.