01 March 2011

One of those days when you know you should have stayed in bed

That has been my day, in a nutshell.  In an effort to both get out my frustrations and yet not be a complete whine-ass, I'm going to try to play good and bad with each of the things that are bugging me.

Bad: I woke up at 5 this morning, unable to get back to sleep.
Good: I got to kiss my husband before he left for work.

Bad: Teddy's was having tummy troubles this morning.
Good: Pete wasn't having tummy troubles this morning.

Bad: Neither the Big Lots in Franklin nor the Dollar General in that same shopping mall had the larger food/water dispensers for Lemon.  Which means I'm still not 100% sure what we're going to do about making sure he has enough food and water while we're gone.
Good: I got everything else that I needed from those two stores and got to use my 20% off coupon at Big Lots to help defray the cost.

Bad: Ummm.... nothing really bad for this part of the trip.
Good: I picked up the pictures we had taken at Sears a couple weeks ago AND I was strong and didn't order extras!

Bad: I spent 10 minutes driving in circles, trying to figure out how to get to the Wendy's in Cool Springs Galleria.  TomTom was little help.
Good: I had a chocolate frosty.  Chocolate frosty makes everything better.

Bad: After getting to the library, I lifted up a recalcitrant Pete to walk into said library and didn't step up high enough.  Both Pete and I crashed hard into the ground.  Pete was more scared than anything. I have a left knee that hurts to put weight on.
Good: I was able to get two audio books and a CD to listen to on the trip - and they were ones that everyone would be ok with.  And, even if my left knee is messed up, the car is an automatic so I don't need to drive with my left foot.

Bad: It cost me $125 to get my oil changed, 3 new windshield wipers and the back brake light on the top of the door replaced.  Two of the windshield wipers, being 28" long, cost $30... each.  The third cost $15 (since it was on the back window, it was less expensive).
Good: The car is ready for the trip.

Bad: Right after I gave Teddy a Pepto tablet before laying down for a nap, he threw it all up at the bottom of the stairs.  So Mommy had a bunch of cleaning to do.  (And why is it that my first reaction, upon him throwing up, is to put my hand out and catch it?  I do it every time and it doesn't help.  The puke still gets everywhere, now including my hand, and I just feel yucky because it IS on my hand.)
Good: I'm not upstairs in bed, resting my body and mind in the hopes of being ready for tomorrow.  Rich will help take care of the rest of the packing/organizing and he'll finish the laundry that's down stairs.  I have a great husband.

Bad: I left the library copy of Dexter, Season 4, Disc 1 downstairs.  It will be due when we get back.  I have not yet had a chance to watch it and I'm not sure if I'll be able to before it has to go back. Oh, and walking up and down the stairs to go get it?  Hurts like hell.
Good: Ummm.... I remembered to bring the Netbook upstairs so I'm not completely without entertainment.

So... I guess the day wasn't all bad.  I had quite a bit of good.  But I'm glad to be able to rest now.  I'm hoping that the rest will help heal my knee rather than make it feel worse.  While laying down (at least, before I go to sleep.  No promises after I go to sleep), I'm trying to remember to bend my leg semi-regularly so the knee doesn't stiffen too much.  I'm hoping that helps.

Oh, there is one other good thing for today.  Outside Big Lots, they have one of those kiddie ride merry-go-rounds.  The boys really wanted to ride on it, so I paid for my purchases at Dollar General with cash so I'd have the quarters to let them ride it.  And they had a blast.  I got a couple pictures, but the camera is downstairs.  Hopefully, I'll be able to post them in my next entry.