15 March 2011

They've got something special, it's brotherly love

Every day, I watch my boys become closer.  With Peter talking more and Teddy wanting to be the helpful big brother, it's almost natural.  Not that they always get along... what brothers do?  But they look out for each other.

Teddy's been trying to teach Peter how to read... which is interesting, since Pete doesn't even know his alphabet yet.  But he keeps trying.  If he can't teach him to read, he'll try to teach him how to sign his letters or  quiz him on his colors.  He knows that he can help him unlock the knowledge in his head and thinks that it's his responsibility to do so.  Because he's the big brother.

I love to listen to the two of them being silly together, loving each other and playing games together.  Peter loves it when Teddy asks him to have a Pokemon battle with him.  And Teddy beams with pride when Peter asks for his help with something.

I know this closeness will only grow as they get older.  The fights will be different... no longer will it be over who gets the Batman toy, but instead over computer or TV time.  But I suspect that Teddy will be there to back Pete whenever he needs it... and vice versa.  They are good brothers, and I'm so lucky to watch them grow together.