28 June 2011


While looking for the school calendar for this upcoming year (wanting to make sure I get Teddy to school when he needs to be... even though I still can't believe that he's going to be there), I came across the calendar proposals for the upcoming year.  And two of the schedule proposals are balanced calendars.  What is a balanced (or year-round) calendar, you may ask? According to the National Association for Year-Round Education (NAYRA),

The year-round calendar is organized into instructional periods and vacation weeks that are more evenly balanced across 12 months than the traditional school calendar.  The balanced calendar minimizes the learning loss that occurs during a typical three-month summer vacation.

And for all that I loved my summer vacation when I was a kid, as a parent, I agree with the year-round idea instea.  Now, our school system isn't planning on going quite as year round as the NAYRA suggests.  Theirs would balance the fall, winter and spring breaks to about 10 days each, and decrease the summer break by 10 days.  I'm not sure if they're trying to ease things in to an even more balanced calendar eventually or if they're going to try to stick with this.  I think I'd like to see it a little more balanced.  Of course, it has to pass the school board first.  They'll be voting on it in the next couple of weeks, I think.  I know a lot of parents wanting the more balanced route, so I'm really hoping that will be the way things go.

Thinking about the balanced calendar made me think of the balance I need to find in my life again.  The way life has been - my Dad's surgery, my extended stay at his house, Rich's surgery and recovery, Teddy starting school, trying to keep up with housework and my blog and life and... well, everything - balance has been hard to achieve.  I'm still trying to find ways to juggle all of it to keep everything in my head and everything in the air.

So I ask you, those who have your own balance issues to deal with... how do you make it work?  How do you make sure that everything gets done and still have time for yourself as well?