03 July 2011

Blog Hoppin'!

Being the first weekend of the month, The Mom Pledge is doing the monthly Mom Pledge Blog Hop.  Take a moment to check out some of the other blogs that have taken the pledge.  We're a growing group of Mom bloggers who think that bullying - in any form, especially among the blogging community - is unacceptable.  We do our best to stop bullying whenever and wherever we see it.

Elizabeth, the wonderful woman who started The Mom Pledge, also started a web store with various items to help promote The Mom Pledge.  To get the word out and get things started, she hosted a giveaway of 5 tote bags and a grand prize of a choice of apparel. Well, I won a tote bag.  So I'm going to be able to promote one of my favorite causes throughout Nashville.  Thanks, Elizabeth (and her special helper) for pulling my name.

Now to get Hoppin'!