09 March 2012

Five Question Friday for 3/9/12

Mama M has a weekly meme that helps us get to know one another a little better.  Every Friday, she posts five questions.  Then it's up to you to answer them, link back on her blog, My Little Life and, above all, have fun.

So, here are the five questions for today and my answers.

1. Are you looking forward to the time change this weekend?

Gods, no!  This weekend is my birthday so I will, in essence, lose an our of celebrating my birthday.  Grrrrr....

2. Are you getting the new iPad/would you want a iPad?

I used to want one, but I'm actually pretty happy with my Kindle Fire.  Yeah, I can't get a lot of the same apps, but I still get a lot of fun out of it.  That's the important part.

3. If money was not a problem, what is the one thing you would splurge on?

I would travel to Dragon*Con.  It's a con that I've wanted to attend for a long, long time and I just never seem to have the money to go and do it right.

Or maybe I'd pay to have a site redesign for here and Views from the Reader Side. Yes, I AM a geek.  Why do you ask?

4. How did you and the Mr. (or Mrs.) meet?

I thought I'd written about Rich and my meeting before, but the only thing I could find was a post about the day he asked me to marry him.  So I get to talk about the meeting now.  And I don't mind, because it's such a great story.

I met Rich on a message board system in 2001.  It was more a geek board than a dating board, though several relationships and marriages came from being a part of this board.  When we first met virtually, it was because we found each other commenting in the same threads fairly regularly.  Over the course of the next year, we became friends.  Not good friends, but friendly.  I was dating someone else at the time, so I wasn't looking for love.

Then came January, 2002.  There was a get together in New York of members of the board.  This was an annual thing and always brought in a pretty big crowd.  I was living in New York at the time, so I opened my apartment to a couple of friends, one of which was Rich.  We had a fantastic time that weekend, learning a lot about each other and getting closer.  It was a good friendship.

Not long after he went back home to Philadelphia and I realized that things weren't going well with my boyfriend.  For my own sanity, I ended it with him.  I was chatting with Rich online, telling him about how I broke up with my now-ex and that I just wanted to date for a little while.  I wasn't even thinking of him at the time, but he pointed out that he was available.  He came back to New York in a couple weeks and from that point forward, I knew that I was in love and that I'd found the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

5. Summer is right around the corner. Bikini or one-piece?

Do you see the body in the picture up there?  The one that is in the size 20 dress?  Well, I'm bigger now than I was then.  If it isn't a one piece, I'm not going out!