27 December 2012

Writer's Workshop: Not the gift I expected

Mama’s Losin’ It

Now that Christmas is over, I'm ready to jump back into blogging and participating in some of my favorite weekly memes.  Today, I'm starting with Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.  You can find the prompts here.  I chose the third prompt this week.

Score!  What gift is your child most excited about receiving this year?

Most of the gifts the boys received this year came from their Nonni and Pop, since we had less money than usual for shopping this year.  I knew some of what they were getting from my in-laws and, of course, I knew what we were getting them.  I also had a pretty good idea what were going to be the big hits for them.  But reality never quite meshes with what happens in my head.

Ever since the game came out, Teddy's been excited about getting Pokemon White 2.  Normally, we pre-order all the Pokemon games when they come out, but the finances didn't let that happen.  So when my mother-in-law asked for ideas for the boys, I knew that would be at the top of the list. When she told me that had been one of her purchases, I knew we'd have a winner.

And yes, he was very excited about it.  He refused to let go of it as he continued opening the rest of the gifts and he's been playing it whenever he's had down time.  But the surprise for me came a little earlier in the morning, when he saw his stocking.

Rich found a few stuffed Pokemon online and ordered them.  They were smaller, about perfect to stick out of the top of the stocking.  We picked the boys' favorite Pokemon and had them waiting, on top of one of the other gifts from "Santa" (I'll explain that bit in a few paragraphs.))  I went downstairs first in the morning so I could get video of them coming downstairs. I had the video camera running from the time they came off the stairs and I followed them to the tree.  I couldn't see Teddy's eyes when he saw his stocking, but I can imagine his eyes opening wide.  His squeal of delight when he saw the eevee we'd put in his stocking was priceless.  He turned around, dancing the eevee and singing, "I got an eevee!  I got an eevee!"  (or something to that effect.)  I wasn't expecting that much excitement from a boy who already has a bunch of stuffed Pokemon.  But I'm glad Mommy and Daddy (even in the guise of Santa) managed at least one hit under the stocking.

For Pete, he's constantly saying that he's a boy scientist.  It explains everything he does.  If he jumps over cracks in the sidewalk, it's because he's a boy scientist.  If he climbs a tree, it's because he's a boy scientist.  Heck, if he goes to the potty, it's because he's a boy scientist!  So one of the suggestions I gave to my mother-in-law was science-related things.  You've seen them.  The kits from Discover or Smithsonian.  The kits that have little goggles or little test tubes.  I knew that he'd love anything like that.  So she found a Little Scientist kit that has the test tubes, goggles, experiments, etc.  I knew it was going to be a hit.  And it was.  But just like with Teddy, something "Santa" left under the tree was just as exciting for him as the wrapped presents.

One day, a couple years ago, I found a red bean bag on clearance at Wal-Mart.  Score!  I bought it for the boys and it's been the "seat" in their bedroom ever since.  But the problem with Pete getting older and coming into his own is that they both want to sit on the bean bag chair.  And that doesn't work well.  So for Christmas, we decided to pick up two new bean bags (since the old one was pretty close to flat).  I ordered them through Wal-Mart for site-to-store pick up and was ready to put them under the tree.  Blue for Pete, orange for Teddy (since they didn't have yellow).*

I set up the two bean bags in front of the tree and nestled their stockings on top, their Pokemon Pets peeking out.  Each of the boys had forgotten one of their usual night time "friends" so I added them to the bean bag as well, as though Santa had seen them and knew how important they were to the boys so he gave them a special spot.  (And if I'd been thinking, I would have included a note next to the eaten cookies and milk.)

The next morning, Pete was a few steps behind Teddy and the same excitement was in his voice at the sight of the bean bag chair as Teddy's with the eevee.  "We got bean bag chairs!  Teddy, we got bean bag chairs!"  Score another one for Mommy and Daddy Santa!  Of course, opening his stocking also showed a little more excitement when he realized Santa left him Pokemon cards.  We didn't pull anything exciting from the cards, but it was nice to see him excited about a few things.

And if you don't believe the excitement, you can take a look at this video:

* For the sports fans in the audience, YES, I know these are Gator colors. NO, I didn't do it on purpose.  I'm a Noles fan through and through.  I didn't put together the fact that I'd bought Gator colors until my Dad, a Gator fan (as is my whole family - I'm the only one with any sense. ;)) pointed it out.