28 January 2013

Monday Listicles

Once again, I'm back with Stasha for

Considering one of the facts I wrote yesterday in my list of 10 facts about me, this week's list was pretty timely.  Because this week, Stasha wants to know

5 Things You Thought As a Child You Would Do/Be

  1. A teacher  From the time I was young, I wanted to be a teacher.  Being able to share knowledge with others was amazing to me, and my teachers in elementary school were some of my biggest heroes.  As I got older, what I wanted to teach change - from early elementary to older elementary, to music and, finally, to high school math.  I even went to college to be a math teacher, but I realized while I was there that, as much as I loved sharing knowledge, I hated trying to get people that really didn't care to try to learn.  Tutoring or small group teaching, I'm great at.  Large group... there's a reason I'm not teaching now.
  2. A writer  I've always loved to write, to use words to make my imagination come alive.  For awhile, I wanted to write novels, but I'd realized that I didn't do as well with long plots.  And there was awhile that I was actually writing a lot of poetry.  I wish I still had some of it, because it wasn't all bad.  Though going through my vamp phase in college did make for a lot of dark poetry.
  3. An astronomer In sixth grade, I fell in love with the stars.  I'm afraid of heights, so I didn't really want to go into space myself, but I did want to spend nights studying what was out there. It's interesting that today is the day that I'm writing about this, also, since it's the 27th Anniversary of the Challenger explosion - which happened when I was in sixth grade, wanting to be an astronomer and a teacher that year.  This day, 27 years ago, was the first "where were you when" moment I had, and I still remember it to this day.
  4. A Broadway singer I love to sing.  Always have.  I had a few (very small) parts in musicals in school and it made me want to be on Broadway one day.  But honestly, I don't have the acting ability for it.  But there's still a part of me that wishes that dream could come true.
  5. A Mom This one, I am.  I never thought I'd be a stay-at-home mom.  I always thought I'd be a mom and work - even though my mom didn't until I was in later elementary school.  I just assumed that I would work and be Mom as well.  I didn't think being home with the kids would be something I'd want to do.  But here I am, 7 years into doing just that, and not wanting to go back to a full time job unless I absolutely had to.
I honestly tried to think of 10 things I thought I'd do or be, but being a teacher had been such a strong dream of mine for so long that I didn't let other ideas come to mind.  I certainly didn't plan on the things I actually did do.  Goes to show you how different life is than you plan.