21 April 2015


Initially, I'd planned for today to be a heavy brainpower and low body power day.  I was going to rework the boys' earn points, set up chore lists, work on my control journal... that kind of thing.  But I decided, after almost tripping (again) over things in the boys' room that today was going to focus on cleaning that up instead.  I know, I know.  "It's their room.  They should be the ones responsible for cleaning it."  And it's true, up to a point.  But when it gets to the point it was at, trying to get them to clean it is almost worse than having a root canal.  So I've set it up so that, even though it's clean, there's still things for them to do.  All the toys aren't in the correct bins, and several are just in an extra bin.  And since I'm trying to be more on top of everything from this point forward, I'm going to make sure that it stays that way.  Especially since we're supposed to have workmen come in and put new energy efficient windows in, so I'll need to move their bed as it is.

Now I'm at a starting point where I can start to look around me and decide what needs to go where.  There are still several boxes that haven't been unpacked from the move, and several things that will need a permanent home that doesn't have one yet.  Tomorrow is supposed to be bedroom day, but after everything I did today, I don't think it's a necessity.  Instead, I think I'll try to get some of the brain work done and, if the mood to be productive strikes, work on some of the boxes.

I'm making steps forward.  That's what matters. Little by little, making steps forward.