Daily Challenges

I've been trying to make a lot of changes to my outlook on life, my ability to get things done and my whole being.  As such, I've started challenging myself to something different every day.  Sometimes it's writing, sometimes it's crafting, sometimes it's healthier eating and sometimes it's making changes around the house.  If you'd like to follow me on my journey, I'm glad to have you here. You can read my past posts on challenges below.

Day 1 - List 10 Things You'd Like to Improve, Along with How You Plan on Making Them Happen
Day 2 - Write a Soft Schedule For Yourself for the Next Week
Day 3 - Ways I've Changed Over the Last Year
Day 4 - Create a motivational poster - words/pictures/anything to make you feel better about who you are and who you want to be
Day 5 - Pick a Project You've Been Wanting to Do and Work on It For 15 Minutes
Day 6 - How Do You Get Back on Track After Falling by the Wayside?
Day 7 - Create a Template for Weekly Blog Posts
Day 8 - Create a Meal Plan for the Upcoming Week
Day 9 - Match Up Single Socks
Day 10 - What Makes Me Strong
Day 11 - Daily Chores
Day 12 - Clean Off the Baker's Rack
Day 13 - Make a Fabulous February Board on Pintrest
Day 14 - Make a "Toy Jail" Along with Bail Chores for the Boys
Day 15 - Gaming with My Kids
Day 16 - Talking About Being a Non-Christian Blogger