11 January 2013

Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun


  1. When I watch sad episodes of shows I cry.  I'm far too emotional.  During Torchwood, when Owen and Tosh died, I sobbed for an hour.  On Doctor Who, when Amy and Rory were transported back in time, I bawled.  When I was pregnant with Teddy, I watched an episode of ER that involved the death of a pregnant mom and I called Rich in tears because it pulled at every heart string. I'm a sap.
  2. It is pretty funny that my eldest son complains about my younger son hurting him more than the other way around.  First, let me say that neither of my sons are bullies.  They're boys and usually the complaints come when they're horsing around.  But why it's funny is that Teddy is almost 7 and is heavy.  He is twice the weight of Pete.  Pete, on the other hand, is 4 and is just now getting into 3T clothes.  He's a slip of a thing.  Yet he's definitely the aggressor.  Am I a bad mom for being amused by this?
  3. It may be strange but I love the smell of chlorinated pools.  I will purposefully walk by pools just to smell it.
  4. How my boys made me laugh: Ok, they do this fairly regularly.  But these are two from this week.  Teddy: We were driving to pick Rich up from work yesterday and Pete had his window down.  Both Teddy and I were getting cold and I asked Pete if I could put it up.  When Pete said no, Teddy told him, "Well, Mommy gets two vote and I get one.  So that's 3 to 1 and you're out voted.  Your window's going UP!"  I tried to hold back the laughter as I put up the window.  Pete: Pete constantly explains everything he does with "'Cause I'm a boy scientist!"  Yesterday, he was walking to Parents' Day Out carrying his Plo' (pillow), and told me that he was carrying it while I was carrying everything else because, "I'm a boy scientist, and only boy scientists know the right way to hold plo's."  They crack me up!
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