03 October 2010

A day of scanning

I spent most of this afternoon scanning old pictures for Facebook.  Several friends of mine on Facebook are in the pictures and, since I've seen myself in a couple of their pictures, I thought I'd return the favor.  It brought back a lot of memories as I looked through a ton of pictures to scan.  And I decided to share a couple of the pictures I scanned for the readers of my blog who may not also have me on Facebook.  (If you're interested in seeing the full group of pictures, it's here.

Now for five pictures of me:

This is my younger sister, Deni, my Mom and I at Coquina Key in Florida, back in 1979.  We'd driven down to Florida to see my grandparents and spent a lot of time at some of the local beaches.  I know I used to have a lot of pictures from that time.  I don't remember of the trip - I was only 5, after all - but there are a few clear memories.  Arriving at my grandparents in time to see Rudolph on TV. Going to Disney with my Mom, Dad and Grandma. Christmas morning at my Grandparents.  It was a wonderful time.

This one had to be around 8th or 9th grade.  I was spending time with my cousins Jennie and Dawn while they were living at my grandparents' house (my Dad's folks rather than my mom's, who we went to visit in Florida).  I don't remember what I was making that goofy face for, but I suspect it was a common occurrence. I also remember the outfit I was wearing there.  It was one of my favorites.  Brown and white striped shirt, white skirt and tan blazer, paired with white earrings and white shoes.  Hey, it was the 80s.

This was one of my favorite pictures, and one of my favorite times.  It was my senior prom.  I was dating someone at the time that my folks wouldn't let me bring to the prom, so my best friend Trish and I decided to go together stag.  That morning, I had my friend Amy's wedding to go to.  From there, I went to Trish's and we got ready for Prom.  We didn't let the fact that we were going sans guys bother us in the least.  We still had a blast getting ready.  We made a couple stops on the way (like at the boyfriend's house that I'd been forbidden to go with) and then hit the Prom running.  We danced with a bunch of guys, talked with lots of friends and closed the prom down.  A guy that we'd met that night ended up catching a ride with us, poured the three of us plus two huge columns of balloons into my little Ford Escort.  A stop at Wags for shakes, a couple hours of sleep at home, then back our for breakfast at Perkins.  It was one of the best times of my life and one I'll never forget.

This was one of my two senior pictures.  My step-mom hated my first picture, thinking I looked far too trampy.  So we had a second set of pictures taken.  And of the ones they took, this was my favorite. It's one of the few pictures I have with our dog, Tzas.  He was the most unpoodle-like poodle that I'd ever had the pleasure of knowing.  It was a time that I liked the way that I looked and got to wear one of my favorite (and most flattering) shirts.  It's a time I like to remember and a time that I want to get back to some day.

And this, of course, is one of my favorite more recent pictures.  My wedding day, September 13, 2003.  It was the day that I married the most wonderful man on the planet.  And I was able to do it surrounded by all my friends. My only regret that day was that I couldn't spend more time with these friends.  I'm hoping to do something special for our 10th or 15th anniversary, where I can truly enjoy the day with my friends.

So those are a few of the pictures that made it to the internet today.  I may do more as time and days permit.  But even this start makes me feel good.

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  1. I love looking through old photos with family and friends, and reminiscing about the things that happened. And I enjoyed looking through your FB album!

    1. I love the colours of the first photo. It is so soothing! 2. And I can't stop thinking of episodes for the second photo. I would love to know why you were making such a face, if you remember. 3. Your prom dresses are so gorgeous, and so are you both! Just curious, was the theme blue? 4. Your poodle is so adorable, and you look great in that photo! 5. I love your wedding dress! And congrats to you both. Hope your anniversary will be a blast!

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