24 October 2010

Well, I DO say Sanity's Overrated

Over on LJ, I've joined LJ Idol again.  It's a writing contest/reality contest that's been going on for several years.  This is it's 7th season.  I've participated in 2 or 3 previous seasons and it's incredibly intense.  There are always a lot of participants and sometimes there are huge patches of drama.  But the organizer/creator is one of my good friends from way back and I like to support him.  I also know that he tries to be as far as possible.

So, over the next however many weeks, I'll be writing entries for it, along with my book reviews here, my swaps, my crazy life as a mom of two, and anything else that happens to come up.  I'm hoping that it will also help smooth out my writing some and make me feel more confidant about my writing.  Plus, adding another thing on my plate is going to make it even more definite that I've GOT to get myself organized.  So... I've jumped in with both feet.  I will definitely need support from anyone and everyone that thinks my writing is any good.  I'll either cross-post my entries here or I'll link over to them.  They are public posts, so there shouldn't be a problem with seeing them.

Wish me luck!


  1. Great blog... Good luck with the writing... I'm following you from swap-bot..