08 December 2010

Book Review Number 10: DC Comics: Black Canary, Oracle, Huntress: Birds of Prey

As I said in the previous review, I've been heavy into comics and graphic novels of late.  And being a fan of Green Arrow, I have to keep my eye out for his Lady Bird, Black Canary.  She's a great character in her own right, and the more I find out about Oracle, the more I'm loving her too.  And, for all that it has three names on the cover, it's primarily Black Canary and Oracle saving the day.  Or more like, Oracle saving Black Canary so SHE can help save the day.  I loved the interplay between these strong women, even with Oracle losing a bit of her trust in BC.  When the Huntress comes in for the last story, the way the three of them play off of one another is just brilliant.  Oracle has a hard time trusting Huntress, since she rarely works within the law.  Yet Huntress is one of the few that can help them complete their mission.  It was a great read, and I'm hoping to find more of their stories as I go on.