18 December 2010

Book Review Number 15: Teen Titans Go! Titans Together

Teen Titans Go! Titans Together is the sixth compilation of the Teen Titans Go! comic, which was in turn based on the Teen Titans animated show.  I've been watching the TV show and when I found out about the comics, I knew I needed to check it out.  Unfortunately, the library didn't have the first five, so I started with number 6.  But having seen the show, I wasn't lost in the least.  The graphic novel covers issues 26 through 32 and I enjoyed seeing a bunch of my old favorites among it's pages.

The first story is "Call of the Wild", a Beast Boy story where he thinks he's going to be a movie star.  Of course, things never work the way that Beast Boy wants them to.  The second is "Love is a Battlefield", a story that shows how much trouble Overload can cause for Cyborg when he takes him over.  Next comes "Surprises", where we learn a bit more of Beast Boy's back story from the Doom Patrol.  "Night Time" is one of my favorites.  It brings back Nightwing and Warp to the "current" time and is a great view of nature vs nurture.  "Slings & Arrows" unites Speedy and Aqualad (even reading it, I hear Wil Wheaton saying his lines) to battle Trident once again. "The Battery" is a story of Dr Light trying to steal Cyborg's battery.  It didn't stick in my mind as well as some of the others.  Another of my favorites is "Who Wants Pie?"  I knew from the moment I read the title it was going to be a Mother Mae Eye story.  She was the first villain that I saw and as such, she has a soft spot in my heart.  The last story is "Arena", in which each of the Titans is kidnapped to go against Private HIVE in a gladiatorial match.  Like "The Battery", this one didn't stick with me as much.

I love the anime style of the artwork and the various chibis that are included throughout the story.  Usually the chibis are telling jokes at the bottom of the page, which I love to read.  All in all, it's a great read and a lot of fun.  If you like anime and superhero stories, then I think you'll like this one.