21 January 2011

Feel Good Friday - Time for a good chuckle

Today has been a pretty good day, even though the ids were home from school for another snow day (at this rate, the kids will be in school until mid-July!)  I almost forgot that today was Feel Good Friday, but thankfully, I didn't.  So for those who didn't have the best week and need a laugh, I present you with today's Feel Good website.

I don't even remember where I found this site, but it's in my Google Reader, so I get to check it out regularly.  The website is called (The Customer's) Not Always Right and it shares humorous customer stories from those on the front lines - the people behind the counter or on the other end of the phone.  Since much of my working life was Customer Service related, I can relate to a lot of these stories. And I could probably tell a few myself.

What I like best about it is that not all the stories are "Look at the dumb customer!", though there are a few of those in there.  There's a great mix of customers who realize just what they said a little too late, stories of things overheard while doing their jobs and just complete and utter head shakers.  Having been both the customer and the CSR, I get amusement with every entry I read.  I hope you will as well.  And just to give you a taste, I'm going to share my favorite story to date:

Smoke Your Veggies

Smoke Your Veggies

(I’m a waitress taking the order of a little girl and her mother.)
Young Daughter: “I’ll get the mac’n’cheese. Extra cheesy!”
Mother: “No, you certainly will not. It’s your third day eating mac n’ cheese, missy! You’re going to get chicken and broccoli.”
Young Daughter: “But mommy! Eddie said that broccoli is bad for you!”
Mother: “Your brother most certainly did not!”
Young Daughter: “Yeah! The other day I saw him smoking his broccoli and when I asked if I could he looked at me and said that it’s very bad for little girls like me. His eyes were all red and everything!”
Mother: “When was this?!”
Young Daughter: “Yesterday! But his friend brought over more broccoli today. They’re weird.”
Me: *feeling very awkward* “Ma’am, I can get the check for you if you’d like to leave?”
Mother: “That’d be great. And could you box up an order of mac’n’cheese please? Oh, and some really good smelling stuff? I figure they’ll have the munchies and I want to torture them.”


  1. ROFL! That's gotta be extremely awkward, but I love the tactic of the vindictive mom. Mom's are the toughest people in the world. Stopping by from SB for the Follow My Blog Swap. I'll be back later. :) Hollychihuahua

  2. Thank you for letting me know about this website, it sounds really funny and as I'm a waitress I will surely love it!