17 March 2011

Sorry for the delay in posting

Tuesday, I was feeling horrid and spent most of the day in bed, my kids playing in my room so I could be comfortable.  Yesterday, TEDDY was sick with a stomach bug and a fever, so again, I wasn't able to get as much computer time as I wanted.  So I'm a few days behind on things.  I'll be updating a bit this morning with my usual goodies, plus a few new ones (if I'm lucky).

The kids have been out of PDO and are on Spring Break this week.  It means Mommy's usual "me" time has gone away for this week.  Still, we've been having a bit of fun together.  I had to run to the store to get Teddy some jello and a few other things for his sickness and, of course, I needed to bring the boys with me.  They were both pretty quiet in the cart (having grabbed one of the seated ones rather than a regular one) and gave me no fuss.  I enjoy those shopping trips, but I wish it wasn't because of a sick boy.

I've been working on my swaps a bit this week.  Lots to do.  I'm down to only one past-due swap, and that's the journal swap.  I'm working steadily on it, so have no fear.  I'm hoping to do some of it tonight, after the boys go to bed and maybe some while they're napping this afternoon.  Depends on what else I get done.

Tonight is Rich's teaching night, so I need to figure out dinner.  Teddy's back to 100%, so I don't have to worry about those dietary restrictions.  I may leave it up to the kids on what they want.  I'm suspecting pizza.

This morning, Pete has been telling everyone, "Bye-bye," including his toys.  He's run in here twice to say, "Bye-bye, Mommy!"  Goofy, but I love him.  And yesterday, the three of us were telling ding-dong jokes... that's like a knock-knock joke, but with a bell instead of a knock. I kept telling them they were my ding dongs. :)

I guess I better get focused on the other things I need to do.  One of the things I'll be putting up this morning (thankfully, it's just cut and paste) is my answers for the 100 Reader Questionnaire swap.  I had a lot of fun answering the questions, so I want to share them with more than just my partners.  I hope you enjoy the read as well!