11 April 2011

G is for... Guinness, A to Z Challenge

I am a beer snob.  The things that most big name beer companies put out on the market should not be called beer, it should be called badly flavored water.  If I'm incredibly thirsty, I'll drink some but not if I can help it!  Now micro-breweries and a few of the larger beer bottlers are ok (like Yuengling.  I can drink Yuenling.)  But if I go some place with a large beer menu, particularly if that large beer menu is on tap, I immediately order a specific beer.  My favorite beer.  My alternate source of nutrition.


I love it's darkness, making it impossible to see through to the other side.  I love a properly drawn glass with the head the size of a bishops collar.  I love to hold the rounded pint in my hand, feeling the coldness of the beer cooling my hands.  I love the first sip - dark and rich on my tongue as it slips down my throat.  I love the fact that it's a beer I can't chug.  I have to savor it with long sips.  I have to make it last.

It's such a versatile beer.  You can make so many wonderful foodstuff with it. Breadcake (with icing)beef pieas a marinadeIrish stew, even as ice cream.  If I wanted, I could have a full day of Guinness.

And you can mix it with other wonderful beers like Bass to make a Black and Tan.  Nothing in the world is like a good Guinness and Bass Black and Tan... unless, of course, it's Guinness by itself.

So sláinte, my good friends, and have a pint on me!

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