14 October 2011

How Busy a Life Gets

I keep having all these grand plans - things that I want to do and know that I can do.  Plans to get organized and take care of not only what I need to do, but also what I want to do.  Updating both this blog and my Views from the Reader Side book review blog.  Keeping up to date on my game posts for both Strange Bedfellows and Return of the Titans (both games GMed by the incomparable Paul of Blog, Jvstin Style). Keep ahead of my swaps at Swap-Bot. Upload my photos to my Picasa. Play in season 8 of LJ Idol. Be active on Facebook and Twitter.  Keeping up with the blogs that I like to read. And that's just the online things.  Going offline, there's wanting to keep up with my apartment (cleaning, laundry, going through boxes that are still waiting from our move over a year ago). Play with my boys.  Start working out and eating better. Reading more. Catching up on TV shows.

Too many things and a non-ability to organize are once again hampering me.  But I've got to try to figure out how to make all these things happen.  Because they are all important things to me.  So... time to figure out how to organize my time better.

If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.  Because I'm up for any help that I can get!