12 October 2012

Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun


Once again, Hilary over at Feeling Beachie has come up with four great Fill-In questions for this week.  And here they are:

1. Given the choice of Pepsi or Coke for a drink I’d pick Coke.  Mainly because Pepsi causes me to have trouble breathing.  Still not sure why.
2. If you told me I would be a stay-at-home mom I would never have believed you. All through school, I wanted to be a teacher.  And I expected that, even after I had kids, I would still be teaching.  They'd be in daycare and my husband and I would have fulfilling lives in our careers.  Little did I know that I hated teaching HS in the mentoring program my college had and that I'd give up teaching all together.  But being a stay-at-home-mom is better than I could have imagined.
3. The last time I cooked macaroni and cheese it came out delicious!  I used a recipe for cooking it in the crock-pot that I found on Pintrest.  Really simple instruction, very creamy.... just yummy.  The next time, I think I'm going to try it with multiple cheeses for a slightly different taste.
4. My favorite color is green.  Specifically, hunter green.  It speaks to me of quiet walks in the woods when I was a child and needed some alone time.

Now it's your turn!  Head over to Feeling Beachie and join in!