11 January 2013

Daily Challenge: Day 2

Today's challenge was:

Write a soft schedule for myself for the next week

What's a soft schedule (since my husband asked me about that when I was working on it earlier)?  A soft schedule is a combination schedule and to do list.  As I mentioned yesterday, I'm using Week Plan for my soft schedule because it lets me move things around from day to day, put things in a pending schedule and add in timed schedules.  I actually wrote out my soft schedule for the next week plus (through the 20th).  For each day, I've listed the must dos with the time they need to be done and the should dos with the amount of time scheduled for each chore.  I'm sure I'm missing a few things.  As I've been writing this small bit of blog post, I've remembered several more things that I'd forgotten and added them to the list.

Here's what I see for the next week:

On my idea list for daily challenges, I'd added not to forget to add in me time. I'm not setting it as anything specific because I don't want to box myself in to having something that MUST be done in a time that's supposed to be me focusing on me.  It could be reading by myself.  It could be taking a bubble bath.  It could be having a nice, hot cup of hot chocolate.  It could be taking a trip to Starbucks with my Kindle.  It doesn't matter what it is, as long as I make sure to take time that's all about me, without interruption.

I haven't gotten as many things done on the list yet today that I'd like to, but I will be focusing on it as soon as I'm done with the my blog writing.  I'm really hoping to see crossed through lines every day.

Do you have a soft schedule for the week?  Or do you have some other way of keeping track of what you have finished?

Tomorrow, my challenge will be:

Discuss ways you've changed over the last year

It's not something I think about a lot, so I'll be thinking about it today while I'm working on my other chores.