31 October 2010

Lots of pictures to come

I'm in the middle of transferring all of the pictures I've taken over the last week from my camera to my computer.  And it was quite a few.  Between pictures and movies, I had 270 bits of media on my camera.  I've got to go through quite a few of them, delete a few, rotate some others... I suspect it's going to be a bit of work.  Which means it probably won't get done tonight, but tomorrow is another day.  I suspect I'll be posting a majority over at Facebook with a link here going back to the FB page.  I'm definitely going to put a few choice pics up here though.

The Trunk or Treat/Fall Festival at the church where we get our Angel Food was the best Halloween event that we'd been to yet.  There were a lot of people there, all sorts of costumes and all sorts of fun.  We took the kids through Trunk or Treat first.  There were about 50 cars, all decorated in different ways.  Teddy took off, anxious to get candy, and Pete tried to follow him, almost missing out on candy.  If it weren't for Mommy, he wouldn't have gotten anything.  (Yep, just thinking about my boy, that's me!)

Once we were finished with the Trunk or Treat, the boys went to bounce in the Bouncy Castles.  They both were having a fantastic time.  From there, we got our free food (hot dogs, cheese balls and cookies for the kids and I, chili for Rich) and sat on hay bales in the parking lot listening to one of the bands play.  I was in my happy place because it was four part male harmony.  And I LOVE 4 part harmony!  From there, Teddy threw balls for a dunking game (they were dunking the pastors) while a bunch of the kids got in line for the costume contest.  And there were definitely some cuties there too!  We let the kids play in the corn pool for a little while (pictures coming later, I promise), stopped and got some kettle corn and then headed home.  It was, most definitely, the best church-related even we've been to this season.  There are a lot of times that I tell Rich that I wish we were Baptist instead of Catholic because I WOULD go to The Donelson Fellowship. They're such a warm, loving, wonderful group of people.  They've known us for 3 years now, only see us once a month or so for Angel Food, but still remember us and remember our kids.  There aren't enough good words in the world to say about the people at TDF.

When we came home, Teddy wanted to eat the kettle corn and watch The Wizard of Oz.  He's seen parodies of it (The Wonderful Wizard of Has from Veggie Tales and "The Wizard of Odd" from Phineas and Ferb.)  So when we talked about it last night, he was ready to see it.  Unfortunately, last night was too late so we let him watch it today.  And, much to my surprise, he was interested in it the whole time!  Granted, he did fall asleep partway through, but the boys never got naps today, so this didn't surprise me.  But he stayed interested, which is something unusual for him.  I love being able to share classics with my boys!

I finally finished up one of my swaps tonight too.  I have Amanda's Journal Swap finished and ready to be mailed out.  I'm really pleased with how it came out.  I haven't had a chance to get pictures yet but I will before it goes into the envelope. That'll probably be a few days to post as well.  I still have a few more swaps that I need to work on, but none of them are due while I'll be out of town, so I've got a little time on those.  It's feeling good to have so many things going out, though.

I managed to get my LJ Idol intro post written and I've gotten some good comments on it.  I suspect we'll be getting the actual week one topic tomorrow or Tuesday.  There is voting going on for it, but the voting doesn't count this time around.  Still, if you're interested in seeing my LJ Idol post, it's here and if you're interested in reading the intros for the other contestants/have an LJ and want to click some clicky boxes, that post is here

I suspect I'm going to be turning in early tonight.  It's been a very, very long weekend and I'm finding I'm a lot more tired than I would have expected.  Besides, tomorrow is going to be a really busy day because I've got a little shopping to do, a little packing and a lot of cleaning.  And the more rest I get, the better I'll feel.  Though, knowing me, I'll probably be up just long enough to post the pictures I've downloaded.  It needs to be done and I'm anxious to see what people think.  I'll probably post one to my twitter, so if I don't get the link up here tonight, look over to my twitter roll and look for it there.