18 December 2010

Blog About my Blog - Check Out Some New Blogs

I've been really far behind in so many things lately - and this is just one of them.  I'm trying to get a bit caught up, so right now I'm working on my posts for Blog About My Blog, one of the Swaps that I'd joined.

First up is Knitting & Whingeing in Abalama-ding-dong is helenkosings blog.  She talks about the various knitting that she does, some of the things she has planned.... actually, in a lot of ways, her blog is a lot like this one.  Except she includes a lot more pictures into her blog.  It's pretty cool, honestly.  She's been talking about being behind in things lately, including being behind in Swap-Bot, so I feel a real kinship with her!  Here's a picture of some of the yarn she got recently.

Next up is j3ss1ca and her blog, My Scrappy Corner.  Mainly, she talks about the crafting that she's been doing.  And this lady is truly crafty!  I love seeing the scrapbook pages that she comes up with. I'm hoping to get into scrapping myself, so I hope to be as inspiring as she is... one of these days.  One of the best features for me this morning is her playlist at the bottom of her page.  I'm getting a surprise chance to listen to her music while writing about her blog.  And it seems she's a classic country fan like I am. So no complaints here.  Here is one of the scrap pages that she did in response to a Sketch Inspiration challenge.

Third we come to coleenfranks's wonderful The Franks in Ukraine & CIS.  She speaks a lot about her worship of God and the ways she helps bring God's word to those around her.  She also posts about her travels and gives us a glimpse into life in the Ukraine.  Her blog is definitely uplifting!  Here is one of my favorite pictures, taken in Cracow, Poland.  I'll admit to being partial to this, seeing as Polish makes up a sizable portion of my ancestry.  But the door that she photographed is beautiful as well.

And the final blog I'm reviewing is one I've reviewed before. betterthannaked's Better than Naked Vintage Finds @ Vintage Prices. Right now, she's doing a giveaway a day until Christmas.  And she has some truly beautiful stuff that she's giving away.  Right now, she's giving away this beautiful antique frame and picture wall hanging.  I've put in my name to win.  Will you?

And those are the blogs that I had to review this swap.  They're all incredibly talented ladies and I recommend checking out all of their blogs.  Because each one of them rocks!


  1. Thanks for blogging on my blog. You did a nice job and it was an encouraging explanation for the reader. Good work Amber.

  2. thanks for the great blog! the wall hanging already has a winner, but check out today's giveaway...a retro red purse! PS - that makes 3 of us behind on our swaps! xoxo