01 January 2011

Good-bye 2010, Hello 2011!

We've had a pretty good end of 2010/beginning of 2011.  Rich got out of work at noon and then we went shopping for snack-type foods.  That's our traditional NYE dinner - foods that aren't good for us but taste oh so good.  We let the boys help pick things out to eat, since they wanted to stay up with us.  We ended up with a lot of chips, pizza rolls, calzones and shrimp.  We also picked up some non-alcoholic red grape for the boys to drink and champagne for us.  The boys weren't too happy with the fact that they were going to need to nap if they wanted to stay up, but they did go down for their naps.

Not having cable and having an apartment that doesn't let any kind of signal come in means that we weren't sure what we were going to do for watching NYE festivities, but we found a streaming show from Times Square online, so we put that on the TV and enjoyed watching it through the night.  Surprisingly, both boys stayed up until 11.  Pete crashed out right after, but Teddy made it to midnight.  I've got pictures to put up, I just need to delete enough stuff from my computer so I have room for downloading them.  (REALLY need to get a new case for my external so we can use it...)  We put the boys to bed a little after midnight, then went to bed and talked for awhile ourselves. Rich was asleep by 12:30, but I laid awake and listened to the thunderstorm outside.  It was a good night.

The boys got us up way too early this morning, so we kind of vegged while they watched TV.  But I knew I needed to get out of the house, and I wanted to go to Big Lots.  It took us until noon to get ourselves together to go, so we stopped at Golden Corral for lunch.  Pete was adorable.  He fell pretty solidly asleep on the drive out there and stayed asleep as Rich brought him inside.  We pretty much propped him in the corner of the booth and let him sleep.  I got several pictures of that, too.  It wasn't until he started falling and threatened to hit his head on the table that I tried to move him and he woke up.  As always, we had yummy food to eat.  I even went a bit healthier, eschewing fried foods for veggies and a little steak.  I even kept my dessert to a small piece of red velvet cake and a square of banana nut bread.

We got a major find at Big Lots today, thanks to an As Is sale.  We'd been semi-interested in a multicolored 5 piece table and chair set that they'd had, but it was $40 and that was a bit more than we wanted to spend.  But today they had the floor model sold as is for $25.  There were only a few little imperfections in it, so we decided to get it.  We had to get a second cart to fit it in because we couldn't fit it into the cart with Pete sitting in it as well.

The set we picked up.

I let Rich and the boys go with their cart to look at the toys and food while I looked at the paper craft stuff.  I really wanted to get a lot more than I did, because I'm trying to get stuff together for my scrapping of 2011.  But I needed to keep an eye on money.  I did get a few sets and I also picked up some storage things, so I feel pretty good about it.  We also picked up a gift for my nephew's birthday this weekend.  All in all, it was a good shopping trip.  We made a quick stop by the grocery store to get orange juice so we can make some mimosas tomorrow morning.

The rest of the day has just been pretty relaxing.  There are things that we need to get done - some cleaning and organizing and the like.  But for all that today is a new beginning, it's a good day to reflect rather than jump in.  Tomorrow will be the time to get started on my resolutions and the like.

I hope all my readers had a wonderful New Year's Eve and that your 2011 is joyful, prosperous and filled with love.  Happy New Year!

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