09 January 2011

Quiet Times

At this moment, I have a two year old curled up on me.  His legs are bent beneath him so it's like he's kneeling on the arm  of the chair.  My arm is cradling him so he doesn't fall.  His head is buried in my shoulder, thumb firmly in his mouth.  Occasionally, he'll suck on it vigorously, but for the most part, his breathing is steady and deep and soft snores come from him.

I'm grateful for this. I'm grateful that he still finds comfort in Mommy. I'm grateful that his still small enough to curl up on me.  And I'm especially grateful that we can share quiet times together.


  1. mine does that sometimes. too bad he's not so little anymore. guess mommy's comfy always.

    neverwashis on swapbot btw. paired again.

  2. Cherish the moments, because they fly too quickly. Keaniebean from SB.x