25 March 2011

Feel Good Friday

There are several blogs that I follow on my Google Reader.  A lot are blogs of fellow crafters or fellow moms.  A few are friends that I've met and know well.  Some are websites for companies that I like to follow.  And some are there just because they make me laugh.

One of my favorite "make me laugh" blogs is (The customer is) Not Always Right.  It's a feed of mostly comic moments that people in the customer service industry find either funny or head-shake worthy.  Sometimes you'll have customers telling on themselves, or even on other customers that they see.  But usually they are tales from the trenches.  And if you've ever been in any kind of customer service industry - be it working at McDonald's as a teen, working in a retail store, or on the phone doing tech support for a major company - you will probably relate to several of the tales that are told.

I'll share one of my favorites with you, just to give you a taste of what they have up there.  The rest, you'll have to go look at yourself.  As they say, the first hit's free...

Smoke Your Veggies

(I’m a waitress taking the order of a little girl and her mother.)
Young Daughter: “I’ll get the mac’n’cheese. Extra cheesy!”
Mother: “No, you certainly will not. It’s your third day eating mac n’ cheese, missy! You’re going to get chicken and broccoli.”
Young Daughter: “But mommy! Eddie said that broccoli is bad for you!”
Mother: “Your brother most certainly did not!”
Young Daughter: “Yeah! The other day I saw him smoking his broccoli and when I asked if I could he looked at me and said that it’s very bad for little girls like me. His eyes were all red and everything!”
Mother: “When was this?!”
Young Daughter: “Yesterday! But his friend brought over more broccoli today. They’re weird.”
Me: *feeling very awkward* “Ma’am, I can get the check for you if you’d like to leave?”
Mother: “That’d be great. And could you box up an order of mac’n’cheese please? Oh, and some really good smelling stuff? I figure they’ll have the munchies and I want to torture them.”

(Courtesy of Not Always Right)