30 March 2011

Things on my mind, and other minutiae

This week has been a bit of a maddening one.  It started with finding out that Teddy had strep and needing to miss Story Time because of it on Monday.  Then Rich getting sick on Monday and being home for three days.  Granted, I love having my husband home, but not when he's sick.  He's feeling better tonight and managed to make it to his night job, teaching at the University of Phoenix.  But he's still not 100%.  He think's he'll be ok to go in to work tomorrow.  If not, he's going to need to make a stop at his doctor's office.  I'm still praying that it doesn't happen.

Yesterday, I managed to get outside into the beautiful weather for awhile.  The kids were being whirlwinds and Rich needed sleep, so I grabbed my Swap-Bag and Folder, pushed the kids out the door and went to Kids Country over at Two Rivers Park.  It's one of the boys' favorite parks and they beg to go there all the time.  So they were glad to be there and I was glad to get out of the house.  I'm hoping the weather is nice enough to go to one of the other parks tomorrow as well (since today, the weather SUCKED!)  There was another little boy there, about Pete's age, and both boys had a great time playing with him.  While they were playing, I was working on my "10 Things I Love About Any Child(ren)" swap.  I've got the first one written up and just need to copy it to the second letter, then they'll be ready to go in the mail as soon as partners are assigned.  I worked on one of my journal swaps as well.  I tried getting up and taking a few pictures of the kids, but I think the camera is on it's way to being replaced.  I got a couple good pictures, then it refused to stay on for me.  Every time I'd turn it on, it would shut off.  Grrrr!  Replacement is in the cards.  (And anyone with a good suggestion for a replacement, please let me know?  It's been about 4 years since we last bought one.)  But I felt productive, and that's a major plus.

Today, I had a few errands to run after dropping the kids off at PDO.  I had to run over to the boys' pediatrician so I could pick up Teddy's shot records.  While I was over there, I figured I'd do a trip to Michaels WITHOUT the kids.  So much calmer!  And I found a lot of cute things, many of which were on the clearance rack.  I picked up several more journals while I was there too.  They are so much cheaper than other places AND they are already decorated (which will be a big plus in some of the swaps that I belong to).  I got things for 2 of the Ultimate Year of Happy Mail swaps that I'm doing and those are going to be ready to go tomorrow.  I'm going to try to take pictures of all of them before I send them off, if the camera will let me.  From there, I had to register Teddy for kindergarten (which I posted about on my last post.)

Since Rich was feeling better, we headed out to P.S. Noodle Pot for lunch.  I've been there several times with Becca, but Rich just had to seethe with jealousy until today.  It's a decent Thai place with a pretty good lunch menu.  I have a tendency to get the Chicken Pad Thai, because I'm just addicted to it.  And Rich had to agree that, yes, P.S. Noodle Pot is a place we'll need to go to more often.  The only problem there today was that their card machine was down so it was cash only.  Luckily, there's a bank in the same center, so we were able to get cash.  But it seemed to be a theme for today.

Since we had time to kill, we headed over to Rick's Comic City.  The good news: they had a lot of goodies that I wanted to pick up (more than I could, financially).  The  bad news: their boxes are full so I can't get them to pre-order titles for me.  And I don't know of any other comic shops in the area that I could go to.  I'm going to try to get there bi-monthly though, so I could keep an eye on boxes in case one frees up.  There's another one down in Murfreesboro, but that might be a bit further out for me.  We'll see.

I did manage to pick up a few things that I wanted, one of which I'll be able to review here for my 100 books in a year (the graphic novel Green Arrow: The Sound of Violence).  The big win, though, was the Doctor Who Meets Jack the Ripper comic that I picked up.  I've been wanting to get it and was so glad to see that Rick's had it.  Yay!

For dinner, we decided on Sonic.  Wednesday's are Wacky Sack Wednesdays there and the boys LOVE getting them.  So Rich and I decided that it would be an acceptable dinner, since he was going to have to leave at around 5 to get to Murfreesboro and set up for his class.  Every drive-up that I drove to had the screen offline, but I thought that it was just their external credit mechanism that was down.  So I placed my order and figured I'd give my card to the girl when she came out with the food.  What no one told me UNTIL she got out there was that they weren't able to take any cards.  I asked her to hold my food and that I'd run down the street to the bank to pick up money.  Instead, she trusted me with the food and told me to just come back with it.  I dunno if she recognized me as being there regularly or what, but I was honored with the trust that she showed.  So I hurried to the bank and came back to pay her.  With my change, she gave me two chits of a free medium sized drink.  That's one of the reasons I love this Sonic.  They really are great people.

The boys are pulling me into the living room to watch something on TV, so I think some time away from the computer is a good idea.  I'll either be reading comics or writing in journals or something of that nature.  They go to bed in 45 minutes and Rich doesn't get home until 10:30, so I suspect I'm going to have some really great Alone time tonight with (hopefully) a lot of things getting done.

Have you ever noticed that a lot of the things on my mind turn out to be "How I spent my day?"  Not good, not bad.  Just a thing.  Maybe one of these days I'll write more interesting things...