20 April 2011

Such a Long Day

Things are even more up in the air and scary than they were earlier today. I think I'm completely drained. I know I should be in bed right now, getting sleep, but I'm not sure if I can. Maybe I'll sleep on the couch tonight.

I managed to get the two swaps out that needed to go out today. That, at least, is something that went right. I think I'm desperately in need of Thankful Thursday tomorrow.

And thanks to everyone who stopped by earlier to give me their well wishes. I'm going to try, in the next couple of days, to go back and reply. I just don't have the energy tonight. Not sure if I'll have it tomorrow either. but it's got to be a bit better of a chance than right now is.

My blogging plans for tomorrow, since plans might make me feel a bit more in control:

N is for...
O is for...
P is for...
Thankful Thursday.
Maybe a general update. Maybe not. Depends on how the day goes.

For now, maybe bed is the best thing. I'm drained. And I won't do anyone any good if I don't sleep.

This ramble was brought to you by the letter L and the number 11.