21 April 2011

Thankful Thursday

So I didn't get much of anything else done that I'd been hoping to do earlier today. But I will get my Thankful Thursday out. Because today, I'm really feeling it.

I am thankful for...

... the wonderful Blogging Community and the people and the support they continue to give. Between the hugs and love and well wishes here, as well as those friends on my Livejournal and other places, I'm convinced that you all helped turn things around for me.

... the fact that there are wonderful doctors at Vandy who are willing to go the extra mile for their patients. They are some of the kindest, most caring and knowledgeable individuals I've had the privilege to meet. We're really lucky to be part of the Vandy system.

... a young man at the Vandy Valet service by the name of Teddy. Last night, even though I got to valet a couple hours after they stopped accepting vehicles, he went the extra mile and took the car for me anyway. He saw that I had two kids and arms full of stuff that I needed to bring inside. And he took the responsibility of getting the car parked for me. When I went back, he was there again and he remembered us - mainly, I think, because of my Teddy.  But he was still just as kind again.

... the Geek Squad at Best Buy being able to fix my camera under manufacturers warranty.  It was ready for me to pick up today so I'm now cameraed once more.  Just in time for pictures at the Easter Egg hunt this weekend!

... my husband being home, settling into bed tonight.  I may have to get up really early to bring him to work in the morning, but it's worth having him here.

.... being caught up with my swaps - including most of my rating!  I wasn't sure if I'd get there, but I'm keeping on top of it.

.... local friends who give fantastic hugs.

... Weight Watchers 6 oz Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cup.  I needed the comfort and it gave it to me without lots of calories.

.... two little boys who, while frustrating when drawing on the walls with crayon and chalk or destroying their room when they're supposed to be napping, still manage to make me proud to be their mom with three words, a soft pair of lips and two little arms.

... the chance to wake up tomorrow and try again for another day.