30 July 2011

Sharing Saturday


Welcome to Sharing Saturday, vol. 1!  Every Saturday (or possibly Friday night), I'll post something for people to write about, something to share with your readers at large. Sometimes it will be something silly, sometimes something serious.  Just whatever comes into your mind at the time.  If you'd like to get it out to a bit larger of an audience, or if you just like to link up, do so below!  I'm hoping that this will grow into something enjoyable as time goes on.  And thanks to anyone who participates.

As this is the first week, I thought I'd start with the basics.  And also one of the hardest things to talk about.

Share A Bit About Yourself

You can interpret this any way that you'd like - the you you are now, the you you were 15 years ago.  An overview or a specific part of yourself.  Whatever you want to share with your readership at large.

Some ideas of things to add:

  • how you see yourself
  • how others see you
  • some of your favorite hobbies
  • your family
  • your job

The link will be open through next Friday.