10 August 2011

The List Challenge: Day 14

Almost half way through the List Challenge.

Memories Monday ties into what this list is about. It's about writing your autobiography.  And that is something I've flirted with off and on, even if it's only to give to my kids so they have a record of my life.  If I were ever to write an autobiography, these are the things you'd see in it.

The High Points for Your Autobiography

  • Being born
  • The whole in my neck
  • Living in Downsville
  • My parents separation and divorce
  • My move to Florida and the friends I found there
  • My mixed up love life
  • Seven years that taught me more than any other
  • Living in New York and being a Doper
  • September 11th
  • Meeting the love of my life
  • Getting engaged and moving to Philadelphia
  • A year without work
  • My wedding
  • We're having a baby.... and moving to Nashville
  • Part time work
  • Teddy gets a little brother
  • The year I worked while Rich stayed home
  • Family loss
  • Trials and tribulations of being a stay-at-home mom