14 November 2011

Adventures in Potty Training

Pete's been in pull-ups for... well, probably close to a year.  When we first put him in pull-ups, he had seemed really excited about potty training, but that didn't last long at all.  Occasionally, he'd want to be on the potty but more often than not, he would use his diaper.

The last few weeks have been a bit more of a change, though.  He's really seemed more interested in going on the potty.  It was still more passive than active - going when Mommy, Daddy or Teddy had to use the bathroom rather than deciding he needed to go on his own.  He didn't do anything when he sat on the potty, but at least he was acting like he wanted to try.

Fast forward to today.  I was sitting on the computer, going through my (tons of) e-mail when I heard him say, "Oh no!" and he started running.  I followed him into the bathroom and he looked at me and said, "Mommy, I gotta go potty! Help!"  He was going to use the big potty and pee standing up.  So I helped him pull his little potty over to use as a step-stool, lifted the lid and tried to be encouraging.  He got a bit frustrated because nothing was happening. "I can't goooooo, Mommy!"  Then he decided to try going poo-poo instead.  Of course, he was going to sit down without the seat down, so there was a quick interruption there when I helped him get settled on the potty.

He still didn't do anything, but that doesn't worry me.  The important this is that he decided - on his own - that he needed to go potty.  I think he's getting tired of diapers. And I think he likes, in his words, "wipin' [his] butt".  He actually took one of the flushable wipes to use, put it in the potty when he was done and then flushed it.

He got his tootsie roll for sitting on the potty and when I handed it to him, he said, "Awesome!"

Personally, I think HE's the awesome one.