20 June 2012

He became a boy when I wasn't looking

I should have expected it.  It happened with Teddy, after all.  But still, it snuck up on me and caught me by surprise.

Peter is growing up.

No longer is he the little toddler that would babble incoherently.  No longer is he the little one that didn't have the strength to open doors (which kept some of my things safe for a little while).  No longer is he needing diaper changes and snuggles to fall asleep.  The baby is gone and the boy is in his place.

He carries on conversations with me, ones that I can understand.  Oh, they're still silly sometimes - like telling me that he's not Peter, he's Pignite.  But they are still conversations that I don't remember having with him six months ago.

He is starting to learn his letters, numbers and Pokemon.  He can point out various things to me and I have to wonder, "When did he learn that?"

He doesn't want diapers any more.  Only underpants for him.  He'll go sit on the potty all on his own, then come to proudly tell me he's done so.  Oh, there are still accidents every now and then, but he's learning.

He wants to "read" stories himself. Rarely is it, "Mommy, read!" but, "I can do it myself!"  Honestly, it's that way with so many things now.  Getting dressed. Putting on his shoes. Getting a cup to drink from. Getting into the van. Buckling himself into the car seat. Getting the mail. Helping carry in the (very light) bags of groceries.  He's becoming independent and Mommy is not longer necessary.

He is thinking things through, understanding more and more.  If I ask him why he did something, there is no longer just a mischievous grin.  He'll stop and think about it and give me the answer.

A lot of this independence comes from wanting to be just like his big brother.  And I don't blame him.  Teddy's a pretty awesome guy to look up to.  He's learning Pokemon because Teddy loves it, watching Phineas and Ferb because Teddy loves it. He's getting into super heroes... well, that's more Mommy liking it than Teddy.  But he's trying so hard to do all the things that Teddy does.  He's even taken over asking for cookies at the bakery in the grocery store.  It used to be Teddy saying, "Can I get a cookie for me and my baby brother, Peter?"  But now Pete pipes up, "Can I get a cookie for me and my big brother, Teddy?"

As much as I know these changes are what should be happening, there's a part of me that's glad there's still a bit of baby left in him.  He still sucks on his thumb, clutching tight to one of his ploes (a set of 3 pillows made for him by his grandmother).  He still comes to my lap to "nuggle", or wants to fall asleep next to me.  He still comes to Mommy for kisses to make the boo-boos all better, or to chase away the scary things in the dark.  He still needs me a bit.  And I'm trying so hard to cherish these moments because I know that I won't be able to have them forever.

The baby he was, fitting snug in my arms.

Me and my baby. He still needs me sometimes.

My big boy, getting bigger every day.