11 December 2012

Dear Santa - Mama Kat's Weekly Writing Prompt

Mama’s Losin’ It

3.) Write a letter to Santa and let him know what you’d like to see under your tree this year.

Dear Santa,

As you know, this year has been not one of our better ones.  I'm ready for the year to be over.  But I'm hoping that you can come through with a gift or two to make the end of the year a bit better.  I'm sorry if I sound so demanding.  I mean, I know that the kids need to come first.  But I'm hoping that you'll have some room to bring something for me as well.  Anything that I'm mentioning below would be great.  I'm not picky.

First, I'd love a sewing machine.  My hand sewing is crap and there are a lot of things that, if I had a sewing machine, I think I could make instead of buy.  It doesn't need to be a big one - actually, with the size of my apartment, it probably should be a big one.  But something that will help me make a few more things than I buy.

I'd also love some new furniture.  After sleeping on the pull-out bed on the couch for the last several nights, I've determined that I really need a new one!  Half the springs are gone and the mattress sags something horrible.  The couch itself is kind of stained.  Along with the couch, I could use a new coffee table and a new entertainment center.  Both are getting pretty beat up, thanks to the kids.  And I can always use new bookshelves.  The books seem to multiply in my house.

Something that would really help would be someone who knows how to organize and can help me get the apartment under control.  Before I sprained my ankle, I was doing pretty good at getting things out of the house.  I don't want to lose that, and when I'm done with the things out, I need help figuring out where to put the things that are staying in.

If you happen to put Pete under the tree for any reason, can you make sure he has clothes on?  I honestly don't mind his nudist tendencies, but it does make taking pictures kind of difficult.  At least, it does for pictures that I can post to the family.

There area  few books and movies I wouldn't mind getting - Brave, the Night Huntress series or the full Nicholas Flammel series.  I'm not so sure about games for the DS this year - I haven't really been playing it much.  But an Amazon gift certificate to get some books or games for my Kindle wouldn't be amiss.

Finally, there's something I'd love to have but don't think it's practical right now.  A kitten.  It's been 2 1/2 years since we lost Tai.  We all miss him, particularly Lemon.  He seems to have taken over Tai's job of hiding out.  So I'd love a new kitten both for him to play with and for us to love.  A black one, if you can manage it.  Because black kittens are the ones that always seem to touch my heart the most.

I know it may seem like a lot - and some of it's pretty silly.  Like you'll be able to fit a couch in your sleigh?  But I wanted to give you options.  Who knows?  Maybe you have a perfectly good entertainment center sitting in your house that you don't know what to do with.  I like giving options.

Regardless, thank you for reading my letter, Santa.  Have a safe flight on Christmas Eve and know that we're always believing in you.

-- Amber