19 January 2013

Six Word Saturday

So many books, so little time.

This is what happens to me every Saturday.  I go to the library.  I tell myself I'm not going to get a lot of books out.  After all, look how many I had to return unread!  And I've got my 12 books for the TBR Challenge that I still need to read.  So no new books!

Well.... I've got to take out the ones that were waiting for me.  After all, the wait list was huge when I got on it after all.  And this graphic novel.... it won't take me long to read.  It'll be good for those quick evening reads and help me keep my reading count up.  And I really do need to get out this exercise DVD.  Wait!  There are the playaways.  That will help me read AND clean at the same time!  I should also look for another organizi....

No.  Nononono.  I've got to cut off somewhere.  That's enough.

What I ended up coming home with today was:

And I'm not even getting into the other books that I still have out, calling my name.  What I really need is a month long vacation where nothing is expected of me beyond reading.  That would be nice.