22 January 2013

Two Shoes Tuesday - My Hero

Josie's Two Shoes Tuesday is a new-to-me meme that I'm looking forward to participating in.  Today, Josie has given us the prompt


I sit here, trying to find the perfect words to say.  After all, heroes are those that do great deeds, right?  So shouldn't my post be as great as their deeds?  And after stopping and starting several times, I've decided to just let the words flow.

I know a lot of heroes.  Every day heroes that step up to the plate when no one else will, or who make the difference in the lives of others.  Many of the teachers I've known are heroes to me.  Teddy's kindergarten teacher realized he was having some issues and made sure to not only alert me, but be there for him.  The nurse at his school is one of my heroes because she has given Teddy a safe place to go when he needs to deal with some medical issues.  The director and teachers at Pete's PDO are also my heroes.  Even on Pete's worst days, they aren't ready to give up on him.  They're doing what they can to get us all what we need.  The director, I know, has been there for about 14 years and has helped every parent that's walked through that door.

But teachers aren't the only heroes I know.  Whenever I have to take the boys to the doctor, she and her staff are heroes to me.  They are open to a panicked mother's phone call  (as I have done on many an occasion) and willing to take the time to talk to you.  I know from experience that not all doctor's offices are that way.  It doesn't matter if what you're calling about is something that could be life threatening or if it's something that's a worried mom's imagination.  They still take the time to calm fears.  And that's something that I can't always do.

The librarians at our local library are our heroes.  They, again, take the time to get to know their patrons, including the kids.  There has been many times that the librarians have been their to calm down one of my boys when they get upset about something, because they know how to deal with kids.  There have been times when they've given me advice, or brought something in for me when they knew we were having financial trouble.  They have always been there for me.

I guess what I'm coming away from with writing this is that the heroes that stick out most in my mind are the ones that deal with my children with kindness, patience and understanding.  I can't even do that all the time, even though I wish I could.  Each and every one of these people have given me a chance to take a breather when the kids are stepping on my last nerve.  They've given from their heart love for my boys and, in some small way, love for me.  They are truly my heroes.