30 October 2010

Another Full Day

I'm starting to think that Full Days are becoming the norm.  As much as I'd love a chance to sit down and actually rest, that doesn't seem to be something that's allowed lately.  I blame myself fully, since the things happening are all things I'm taking on myself.  But there are times I'd like to take a breath for about 30 seconds.

We did have a relatively relaxing morning this morning.  The boys played quietly in our room, letting one of us sleep until around 7 (and, since it was me that they woke up, I let Rich sleep until around 8:30).  I spent time coloring for one of my swaps - and I'd forgotten just how much I LOVE to color until I started on it.  For the swap, we had to color one "girlie" picture for each of our 3 partners.  Me, being the overachiever that I sometimes try to be, picked four pictures for each person, trying to find something that the people in question enjoyed.  For one, I did butterflies.  For another kittens.  And the third (because they really didn't have anything specified), animated movies.  Plus I chose a Pokemon to color for each one.  I colored 3 out of the four pictures and left one uncolored for my partners to color on their own.  I'm actually pretty pleased with how all of it came out.

We had to go to the library this morning.  Along with books that were due, I needed to get an audio book to listen to on my trip to IN on Tuesday and on my way home Wednesday.  I picked out Any Which Way But Dead by Kim Harrison.  I've read her novels before and enjoyed them, so I think it will be a good choice.  From there, we went to the church where the kids have PDO and went to their Fall Festival.  It was pretty neat.  I picked up a couple used books (a couple mysteries) and a couple Advent Calendars.  The kids got to play some games.  Then we made a stop at a Gyro place we've been wanting to try for awhile.  And it was gooooooood.  If you're in the Antioch area of Nashville, definitely check out Sam's Gyros on Murfreesboro Road and Edge O Lake Drive.  Yummy yummy yummy Gyros!

We had Ruby's 5th birthday party out at Cane Ridge Park today at 1.  Me being me, I managed to get lost - even with the GPS.  Of course, that part wasn't my fault as the Park wasn't listed IN the GPS and I had to try to remember the general vicinity after I left the house.  But we did find it and did find Becca, Lewis and friends for the party.  The kids all seemed to have a blast and the Squinkies that we bought for Ruby's gift were the hit that I knew they'd be.

Once we got home, the kids took their naps and I got settled in to work on more Swaps.  I managed to get three swaps out tonight and that makes me feel like I completely, totally and utterly ROCK!  I even got my spreadsheet updated.

I may bring some of my Swap stuff up to IN with me next week.  I don't expect to have a ton of time - I'm thinking that I'll be spending quite a bit of time with Carm and Robbie while there.  But if I do have time in my hotel room, I'd like to be able to work on some of the things that I need to get done, like working on a few of the Journals that I'm going to be doing.

Tomorrow is going to be another fun filled day.  I think I'm going to try to work on some of the craftier Swaps, in the hopes of getting them out in the mail on Monday.  I've got 2 more pages to finish in my one Journal swap (a page decorated with tape and writing about my job with pictures), 2.5 more entries to write for the 5 profound events swap, and my squash book to finish.  I managed to find a lot of stickers that will fit with the theme of the Squash Book, so I'm finally feeling ready to actually do it.  If you look below, you'll see some of the other swaps that are upcoming.  I may work on them tomorrow as well, depending on how much else I need to do.  Or I may take the rest of tomorrow off.

Rich and Teddy will be going to Church in the morning while Pete and I sit at home and relax.  I've got to do a bit of shopping as well (maybe I'll let Rich take Teddy in the car to Church and I'll take Pete shopping....?)  I need to pick up shoes for the interment on Tuesday and I need more ink for my printer.  In the evening, we've got our last Halloween related activity - Trunk or Treat at the church where we get our Angel Food.  My kids are gonna have a blast, I think.

I've got plenty of pictures that I've taken over the last week for Halloween and other Halloween-type-events. But I think I'm going to wait until Monday to upload them.  That way, I can get it all done at once.  I've gotten some pretty cute pics of my kids, and I suspect there will be more cute pics tomorrow night.

So that's the busy life of an Amber.  I've still got to get my Intro post done tomorrow for LJ Idol too.  I've got an idea for how to write it up, but I'll need the help of people reading this blog.  Ask me questions - any questions.  And those will be what I'll write about in my intro post.  Of course, if I don't get any questions, I'll have to fall back and use my own imagination.  But I suspect I'll be able to get it done.  At least, I hope I will.

Oh, and I'm still working, slowly but surely, on my 101 in 1001 list.  This, at least, doesn't have a Sell By date on it, so if it takes me awhile to finish it, that's ok.  Keep an eye on this space, though..  When it finally does get finished, I'll be posting it here.

Plus, I'm going to try to watch as many of AFI's 100 Greatest Movies of All Time, 10th Anniversary Edition, as I can by the end of the year.  I've got a head start, as I've seen some of them before.  I'm actually about 1/4 of the way through..  So I'm going to try to watch the other 75 over the next few months.  Not sure where I'm starting yet, though Teddy does want to watch one I've seen before - The Wizard of Oz.  He's never seen it, but it makes me feel really good that he WANTS to watch some of the classics.

And now, hopefully, time for sleep.  Tomorrow will be a long, albeit good, day, and I need to be well rested for it.  Have a great night, or a wonderful day.... preferably both.  And thanks for reading Sanity's Overrated.