12 October 2010

Another Swap - Top 10 Supers

This was another swap that I joined and had a lot of fun putting together.  The task was to put together lists of 10 favorite male super heroes, female super heroes, villains, powers and super hero movies.  I was pretty proud of my lists so I wanted to share it.  So here goes!

Super Heroes!

Super heroes come in all shapes and sizes.  Here are a some of my favorites from all different media.

  1. Male Superheroes
    1. Green Arrow  I’m not sure what it is, exactly, about Green Arrow that I love so much, but he is far and away my favorite Super Hero.  I try to find anything Green Arrow related that I can.
    2. Doctor Strange I love magic and things magical.  I think that’s what I love about Dr. Strange.
    3. B’wana Beast I’ll admit I’ve only seen B’wana Beast in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, but he seemed like very strong hero.
    4. Gambit Gambit is, by far, one of my favorite X-Men.   The smooth Cajun with the ability to make things go boom…. Oh yeah!
    5. Larry-Boy Who says that all Superheroes have to be DC or Marvel?!  Larry-Boy just makes me chuckle every time my boys watch him.   And his theme song is so catchy!
    6. Night Crawler   I was first introduced to Night Crawler by watching the first X-Men movie.  And he became one of my favorites then.  The life he’s lived, being so different… and then there’s the accent.  J  I’ve enjoyed watching the different aspects of him as I’ve seen him in other things as well.
    7. Hiro  Hiro is my Hero.  I love how he is so certain what it means to be a hero and that he lets that be his guide.   Even with the heartache that he endured through the seasons, he still always tried to stay true.  Heroes was, to me, truly Hiro’s story.
    8. The Sleeper  Croyd Crensen, or the Sleeper, is one of those sometime hero/sometime villains from the Wild Cards series edited by George RR Martin.  I love the fact that he never knows what he’s going to be when he wakes up, and that scares him.  He’s been one of my favorite characters from the first time I read the series.
    9. Yeoman  Yeoman is another character from Wild Cards. Much like Green Arrow, he has no superpowers and I think that’s one of the things that I love about him.
    10. Jason Blood/Etrigan  Jason Blood, and his demon side Etrigan, is another that can fall on the side of Hero or Villain.  I prefer when he’s heroic.  He’s a true Jeckyll and Hyde.

  1. Female Superheroes
    1. Black Canary  I’m sure part of my fascination with Black Canary is her connection to Green Arrow, but she’s truly an awesome character in her own right.  I mean, a girl with a scream like that just rocks.
    2. Wraith  Much like Black Canary and Green Arrow, I think some of the appeal of Wraith is her relationship with Yeoman in the Wild Cards series.  But I also love her past as a librarian and her ability to become insubstantial.
    3. Barbara Gordon (Batgirl/Oracle)  I think what I like best about Barbara Gordon was her reinvention.  She wasn’t bad as Batgirl, but when life handed her one hell of a sour lemon, she was able to turn it into an awesome lemonade in the form of Oracle.
    4. The Bowler  The Bowler was the only one with any powers among the Mystery Men.  And she rocked.  Plus she had some fantastic sarcasm.  But then, I love Janeane Garofalo anyways.
    5. Bubbles  Bubbly and happy, the one that tries to be the peace maker.  Bubbles is definitely my favorite among the PowerPuff Girls.
    6. Zatanna A true magic user, and kickin’ fishnets.  Yup, those are my top two reasons for loving Zatanna. J
    7. Peregrine  Peregrine is another from the Wild Cards series.  She’s got the ability to fly, along with two beautiful wings.  While most of the world considers her an Ace (because of her ability to fly) she thinks that the fact that she has wings makes her a joker – a beautiful one, but a joker none-the-less
    8. Violet  I love Violet’s transformation through the movie The Incredibles. From the shy girl who wants to be invisible (and makes herself so) to the one with enough confidence to make the move with the guy she likes, Violet became who I wanted to become in High School.
    9. Layla  I love the movie Sky High.  I love any media that shows the underdog coming out on top in the end.  And Layla is, by far, my favorite character.  She has true power – the ability to speak with an manipulate plants – but because she’s a pacifist, refuses to use the powers “just because”.  But near the end, she shows how much she can really kick butt.
    10. Storm Her power over the elements makes her, in my opinion, one of the strongest X-Men.  Plus, she’s so beautiful with her white hair and dark skin.
  2. Villains
    1. Dr Doom  Dr Doom is just… he’s Dr Doom!  I can’t describe it more than that.
    2. Mystique  Shapechangers are cool.  Even if they are a bit freaky.  I mean, am I REALLY talking to you, or is it Mystique trying to fool me?
    3. Emma Frost I’d originally put Emma Frost in the Hero category, and then I read her Wiki entry and thought, “Yeah, definitely more villain there.”  He’s beautiful and cold and… she’s just awesome.
    4. Sylar  Sylar is the villain supreme.  Even when he tries to go good, he just can’t do it.  There’s something fundamentally wrong with him.  He’s the villain I love to hate.
    5. Puppetman  Puppetman is another one from Wild Cards (if you haven’t guessed by now, it’s my favorite Hero series.)  He’s got the ability to manipulate people like puppets on a string.  So, of course, he went into politics.
    6. Mother Mae Eye  I believe that Mother Mae Eye is just a one-off from Teen Titans, but she’s delightfully eerie.  Looking so sweet and grandmotherly, but with one heck of an ulterior motive.
    7. Music Meister  There are several reasons I love Music Meister.  He’s a singing villain (and I’m a singer myself), he’s a bit unusual, he instigated an awesome fight between Black Canary and Batman and, to top it all off, he’s voiced by Neil Patrick Harris.
    8. Dr Horrible  Which brings to mind Dr Horrible.  He’s the ultimate Villain Hero.  And he’s played by Neil Patrick Harris.
    9. Aku  I can’t consider Jack (of Samauri Jack) a hero, but somehow I can consider Aku a villain.  (Don’t ask, it doesn’t make sense to me either, but there it is.)  He’s the personification of evil and as such, I adore him.
    10. The Gentleman Ghost  Gentleman Ghost Jim Craddock has style.  He’s evil, but he’s got style.
  3. Super Powers
    1. Telekinesis  I like the thought of being able to move things with my mind.  It would come in really handy when I’m trying to change my 2 year old and realize that I left the wipes on the other side of the room.
    2. Invisibility  I get embarrassed very easily.  As such, there are times I’d love to be able to not be seen.
    3. Teleportation  I have a lot of friends and family around the world that I don’t get to see often enough.  If I could teleport, I wouldn’t have to miss them as much.
    4. Stop time  Whenever there’s too much to do and not enough time, or I want more time with loved ones, this is one I’d have on hand.
    5. Astral Projection  I just love the thought of being able to be somewhere else, even if my body has to stay where it is.
    6. Empathy  I’ve always been empathetic.  To have the power to know for certain what others are feeling and, sometimes, to make them feel what I am… that’s what I would love more than any other.
    7. Telepathy  This is another one that would come in handy as a mom.  Particularly when I want to communicate with my husband without my kids hearing.
    8. Super Speed  Being able to move quickly has so many uses – getting somewhere when you’re running late, keeping your kids from harms way, showing off….
    9. Time Travel I’m a Whovian.  How could I NOT want Time Travel???
    10. Illusion  To fool the eye with the power of my mind… such a wonderful thought.
  4. Super Hero Movies
    1. Sky High  It’s such a great movie about teen superheroes and sidekicks and how the line between them blurs.
    2. Mystery Men Thoses wanna-be heroes who are more heroic than the heroes that already exists – plus it’s got some truly awesome, quotable lines.
    3. Watchmen  A mystery and a superhero film combined.  Granted, the comic was better, but the did an excellent job with what they had.
    4. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen  Again, the comic was better, but I loved the way they combined fictional characters from the 19th century into a steam-punk superhero group.
    5. The Incredibles  I love any film that shows the other side of the coin, and this is a great view into a superhero family and the problems it entails.
    6. X-Men  Before the film came out, I hadn’t known much about X-Men (I really wasn’t a big comic reader then) so this was a nice introduction.
    7. Orgazmo   This is an incredibly funny adult superhero story.  I need to get it on DVD one of these days.
    8. The Fantastic Four  Not only do I love the Fantastic Four story, but the film has two of my favorite actors – Michael Chiklis and Julian McMahon.
    9. Daredevil  Not quite as good as the comic, but a pretty good romp.
    10. Justice League: The New Frontier  It’s a great intro story for the JLA.  I loved Martian Manhunter’s introduction.


  1. Emma Frost is one of my favorite Villain(esses) :)

  2. She does rock, doesn't she?! :D